Every then and now whenever this word come into the context, we all get the picture of an enthusiastic familiar faces working in a pleasant surroundings, everything seems so organized and legitimate. The utopian society is a society with perfection, a society that you define. It is a society where people live in harmony, tactful in their actions, work for the good and raise their voice against bad. A society where the real difference between the wrong and the right is declared, a society which is dependent upon the progress of an individual as well as of this era, a society which can give the satisfaction to the minds of upcoming future generation. But have you ever wondered how far the actual meaning is understood. We need to ask ourselves, is it this way our society works?

Right from the birth itself, we are taught to be according to the values and ethics that have been continuing from the old ages, but is there any compulsion for us to carry on the same things to our future or are we free to think and take actions without considering the society? Why do we need to put our will parallel with the society, why we cannot intersect the society norms? Why can’t we stand against the society where sometimes the wrong truth is accepted and the right lie is thrashed? Are we really free to work, think, act with full freedom or there is something deep down in every one of us, a suppressed voice hollering for the freedom? Have we forgotten that it’s the people who mold the foundation of the society, society doesn’t mold the foundation of  lives of the people.

The change in the primeval ideology of society has been revolutionized with the time. Nevertheless the perfect idea has not been yet adopted successfully. Even today some egregious practices are enduring, veiling under the name of utopian society. People nag about the problems, but eventually act like a chameleon to appease the society. They want the world around them to be enough flexible to listen to their views but they still choose to be quiet. This way they are drifting themselves into the peril of shattered hopes and dreams. And the quip is society itself gives you millions of examples to bring the change and more flexibility in our ideas but still we choose to remain stagnated.

In our home there is a person who does our odd jobs, our maid. “Bai” is the word what we use to call the maid in our home, but we forget that she has also got the name. She is doing a job, it is not wrong to call her a “Bai”, but the meaning people dig out is wrong. And the thing that stops the world to change is our shut mouths. Even when we see our elders asking her to sit on the floor because she belongs to a low caste, to use separate utensils and term her existence as ‘untouchable’, we just remain quiet. We know that it’s damn wrong but yes we are afraid of questioning them. It’s not just our mistake because yes last time we questioned them, but just because these morals according to the society so we were asked to shut up and follow the things that they were teaching.

Our family talks about getting broad minded and seek for the equality in the caste system, but they fail to practice the equality just because the society will not consider this. Everyone wants a parity in job without considering the caste reservation system, because everyone knows the capabilities don’t resides in a person depending on the caste. Nevertheless on the first place they talk about equality and on the second place whenever they come across a new person, they ask about the caste of that person.

It is easier to love humanity,than to love one’s neighbor.

Eric Hoffer

 Parents always give their children a deliberate hope to agree on the things which are considered to be the illicit part of the society. Like inter-caste marriage, not asking for dowry, but they seldom do not support their children at the time of execution. They get severely engulfed into the pattern of society that they expect to see the life of their children in coherence with the society, shattering their hopes and dreams. They start acting biased. Our society should be redesigned to emphasize more on the values and truth should be the prominent part of it.

Society is a divine institution. It has to manifest Truth — its real nature — and not to manufacture truth.

Swami Vivekananda

In our education system students are not given sex education in the school. Teachers feel embarrassed to teach these things, they just skip this part during lectures. Even after knowing the scenario among the teenagers, they don’t deem it enough important to spread awareness. Even today when some families try to give their children sex education, the society acts in a way that the family is breaking the sacred relation with their children. That family is perceived with more exclamations. Sex education is still considered taboo in our society. The teaching methods also has not been changed, society still measures the intelligence by the potential of their memory.

We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

In the professional world, people are hustling to be more progressive and successful in life. They work hard for their goals, but when they don`t find their hard work enough to get the luxuries which can put them into the higher place in the society, they take the support of lies and betray their fellow workers to get the more payoffs. Why does one need to take the path of lies and betrayals just to quench the quest of affirmation from the society? It`s all because of the standards and trends which are set by the society and they consider it as a need to match the criteria. For this they lose their core values and become a person of less value. In our society people are measured on the basis of their wealth only, forgetting that it should be the balance of wealth and values.

Try to be a man of values, rather than a man of success

Albert Einsein

How were you feeling today when your teacher scolded for something which is right according to you but unacceptable for the society? That was the time when you really wanted to just do something, without having any idea, you wanted to just do something. You must have been like today, “I will change the world, these bastards know that I am right but still don’t want to listen to me!” But wait, this feeling was just for few hours or maybe for one day or may be for two days and then you again accepted the wrong, a so called truth, declared by the society.

Even if the most esteemed cite of this world enlightens you about the importance of change and flexibility in your everyday life, you will still choose to adopt the already declared norms. Even if you know the urgency of raising your voice, you will still choose to be quiet and conceive the untrue. Even if you are suffering from the circumstances right now, you will just go with the flow. Are you scared of something or you have been lazy enough to just get up from your place?

Let’s just stand for ourselves this time. Our society has got many good things to be proud of  but simultaneously there are many things which are needed to be put under scrutiny and need to be amended. There are some issues which need to be approached with an open heart. There are things which need to be accepted with the time. The change should happen with a vision of making our society a true utopian society. Things will take time but eventually everything will get aligned in the right direction. Let’s put our hands together in the contribution for the right in the society and to stand fearlessly against the wrong.

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