In that darkness, I was waiting for you. I was waiting for your white glare to fall on this land making it more alive. Your presence to me is not just a satellite of this earth but also an inspiration to me. Your arrival is not an interim to my work but hope for the new beginning to arrive soon. Even my lover is so far away from me, but see how fortunate I am to have you so close to me. The profusion of white light awakes a whim in my eyes. Baby, I don’t know why this ‘Amavasya’ is a part of every month. On ‘Amavasya’, it is very difficult for me to pass these prolonged nights. This world without you is so dull, after all, it’s you who can make even these dark nights brighter.

Baby, how can you be so unselfish? You even act as a herald for the lovers and avow someone else to snatch away your admirer from you. You are such a magnanimous creature in this creation. You symbolize enduring love. Even if the distance between the two people is immeasurable, you make it accessible. The altruistic bond that you share with millions of people is just unimaginable. It’s like for humans, you are more trustworthy as compared to another human. You are the way for many to create memories under your moonlight.


You are the beauty with scars. I feel like quitting this race after the perfection of the world and dive into those beneficent scars of yours. Love, your every night enhancement is just like a promise between us getting stronger night by night. And your fading away is the reason of our togetherness. I have been your admirer since so long but even today I think that when your near-surface is so beautiful and occult then what have you kept hidden on your other side? See my fortuity, I never get bored of watching the same white patch every night on this vast sky. Your grace is an inspiration for many to invent a mesmerizing art. The secret behind so beautiful lyrics by writers of the song isn’t the memories with their lovers but your first look. You are away too beautiful lullaby ever sung by a mother to her baby every night.


I hope you will not mind if I tell everyone that you are a God for many people. Among Hindus, many wives worship you for the long life of their husbands. The Quran emphasizes you as a sign of God. Even the Christians celebrate a day in your name, ‘New Worship Moon Day’. I feel so proud of you that even the humans fight among each other for religion but you, you are there to keep them united. You aren’t just artistry to admire but a powerful creature, miles apart yet so close.

At day time, Sun is there showing its presence persuasively but at night without you even that powerful creature is nothing. Hey hero, your dauntlessness reminds me of the spaceflight Apollo 11. The crew consisted of three members – Buzz Aldrin, the Lunar Module Pilot; Neil Armstrong, the Commander; Michael Collins, the Command Module Pilot. Aldrin, as being the leader, was supposed to be the first one to step out of the spaceship but he got scared of the new place, of new you. But then you gave the courage to the next person, to see your affinity and you even accepted the fearlessness of Neil Armstrong and gave him the chance to be in the pages of the history as the first person to walk on the moon.


Now enough of your story let me recall my love story. It all started from a place where I went for the first time with her. The silence was prevailing that night, as my rolling eyes inspected the surroundings. That pleasant weather, amid of green dense forest. Oarsman slowly sculling the boat with a pair of oars. Gently splashing the placid surface of the water, sprinkling the water on us. Cold breezes blowing silently over the surface of the water and touching us as if they were waiting just for us. The rustling of leaves from the flurry of air, babbling of water near the shore, the reflection of moonlight, stars rippling over the surface of the water and the crystal clear sky with the dim moonlight was all preparing to give me the memory which I can never forget. I was holding her soft hands, looking directly into her confident eyes, made me felt like a king sitting next to his queen. That was the first time I was captivated by the moment, her pretty eyes and that moonlight falling on her face were so mesmerizing to me. I wasn`t able to take off my eyes away from her face. The moon, sky, forest, breeze, water, everything was waiting for the culminating intensity of the confluence of two souls. At that moment we kissed each other under the moonlight, at that precious moment, everything seemed to be stagnated. I never wanted that moment to get vanished. Then I hugged her, that feeling of snug that I got was the feeling my soul will never stop craving for even if the eternity ends. Anytime, anywhere I can recall my beautiful love story because it is secured in my inmost place, my heart, where nothing can enter and leave without my consent. Today she is far away from me, but one thing which will always remain unchanged between us is our love. Whenever I look up to this white patch in the dark sky, my memories are revived and my love for her gets fanatical. Every time I capture the glance of this white creature I become so vibrant.


Though you are so exquisite still some of the day’s people don’t like you. It’s just because of the shadow of Earth over you, blocking the light of the sun falling on you, causing the Lunar Eclipse. On those nights we see the inimical and different you, the Blood Moon. It usually happens when I can see the whole of you, during the full moon night. Whatever it is, I still love you.


Selenelion, the time when three of us You, I and the Sun meet at the same moment. You being right opposite to the sun. It usually occurs after sunrise or just before the sunset. Seeing you both near me, one on my right and the other on left makes my day. Such moments make me feel that I am still unenlightened by many of the moments and uncommon nights. But I promise you I will find each one of those cherishing moments by extolling you more and more every night.


The days when you hide behind the dark clouds I get upset, but I always know that you can’t see me sad, I always know that the next day you will be showing your presence in the sky because you are magnanimous, unlike the sun.

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