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Hello Dad, hello Mom. Today I am writing this letter to you because I have been into a prolonged dilemma to share my core feelings with you. Today you will get to know the quiet and the real me. I hope your opinions about me will not get change at that much extent after reading this letter. My dear parents, I want you to know something about which I have never discussed with you. In this progressive world, I am moving with full intensity to shape my career. I am experiencing many new, adventurous, exciting, happy and sad things in my life with my developing wisdom. Right from the time when I was born, you have been taking care of me, now I want you to enjoy your life and stop worrying for me. Now I want to be independent and I want to live my life on my own terms, not because I want to go away from you but, I want you to get free from all these worries. Dad, you have taught me many things in my life. You have taught me to stand and walk on my own legs. Dad your fingers were the important support to those baby hands. My lovely mom, it’s you who always take care of my health. Mom and dad, I have learned many things from you and you know a lot about me but still, there are many things that were left unsaid and overlooked just because you are my parents, just because there is a very thin boundary between our thoughts that I am afraid to cross. Even today I have to gather a lot of courage to speak these things to you.  I don’t want you to just read it and then forget about it, I want you to accept these things with the time. Dad, you sent me out for my higher education and to become successful in my life. I have learned that success is not just to get a good salary with a higher designation but there is more this world needs to be offered.

Mom, I still remember the day when you were comparing my bad grades with Sharma uncle’s son but, you never compared my other skills with him. You felt those skills were no good to me. You only wanted me to study but, mom I never wanted to study. I had the passion of playing cricket and you knew it. Nevertheless, you forced me to study. People used to call me just to play from their teams in cricket matches, I don’t know then also why you didn’t understand my skills.

You asked me to get admission in a coaching centre to study hard but, mom study was never my forte, my forte was cricket. I know that you never knew what topics I had in my syllabus but just because everyone was doing that, you asked me to the same and invested your money in it. Mom, I wanted you to invest your money and my time on cricket. Eventually, I am in this metro city doing 9 to 5 job but, mom deep down I am not happy with this work.


Dad, do you remember I used to be the chatterbox and the most notorious boy in our home? Do you remember the demands I used to have from you which were higher than your budget? Eventually, I stopped demanding anything from you. And now I am the quietest boy in our home. Haven’t you ever thought about why I became like this? It all started with your and mom’s fight on little things. I used to get so scared and cry my heart loud because I had no idea what to do. You asked mom to lower the house expenditure and she asked you to stop drinking liquor every day. You people used to get so aggressive in those little quarrels that you forgot about me. One day you even slapped mom, I got shuddered from inside, at that moment I got goosebumps. You never knew but everything was affecting me and from that day I stopped demanding anything from you. That incident was so vociferous to me that I stopped asking for anything from you, I thought it will lead to a quarrel between you people.

Mom, during my school days, you always asked me about my studies but you never asked me how I felt sitting in that classroom, with those who always teased me for the way I am. I used to cry so much in my room. During those nights, I felt so lonely, only my pillow knows about it. I didn’t share it with you because I knew you won’t give it as such important. Once when my younger sister, your daughter, told you that some guys troubled her while travelling in a bus, you didn’t understand how she felt, you didn’t understand how bad it is to be in that situation. You asked her to just ignore it. That wasn’t the solution to the problem. Why don’t you take these things seriously?

I started using Facebook when I was very small. Earlier I didn’t find it as such very good but, as the days passed I learned many things. I started to chat with unknown people. Just because there are few limitations between our relationship, just because you were not there to listen to my unimportant but important things, I talked to those people. I was getting trapped in that web of social sites with every passing night. I hope you won’t be comparing my helplessness with childishness. Even today, sometimes I feel very low, very bad but, I can’t tell you because you don’t expect to listen to such things from your child.

Your expectations, they are just killing me from inside. Every time, when I feel like doing anything, why do I need to think about you first? Why do I need to think about your feelings? Isn’t this my life or what? You expect me to be a very sincere and good child, there is nothing wrong in this but, somewhere deep inside I feel that I have missed so many exciting things to enjoy. Your expectations from me make you forget your duty. Sometimes when I used to not get good grades, you scolded me and said that you will put me in some government school. You said that it was just a wastage of money. Why dad? Why mom? Why do you need to say that to me? Even your parents did that for you. When you have brought me up in this world, then it’s your duty to take care of me until a particular time. Don’t ask me to count those things. I am also a human.


Dad, I always wanted to tell you so many things, I wanted to laugh with you at silly jokes, I wanted to know about your every side. I have this prolonged desire to share with you about my friends, my life and my feelings. But you never had time for this. You always talked to me about my career, maybe because you thought it’s the only thing that parents have to do, maybe you thought it’s enough, maybe you thought that other things aren’t necessary.

Mom and dad, you are my role models since my childhood. The way I am now is exactly the way I have been brought up by two of you. You know what dad, I always lied to you about my school holidays. Some of the days I didn’t feel like going to school so I used to talk to my principle from your side and used to inform him that I am sick. Don’t take it wrong, but I learned it from you. Whenever you made some excuses from other people, I got affected by those little things. You know what mom, whenever you used to categorize people according to their caste, I ignored it but somewhere it also affected me. I did the same here, people started judging me. I realized that it wasn’t right to do this.


My dear parents whatever I have learned in my adolescence age is precious to me. The guidance and experience, what you have shared with me will always help me to thrive better. You have taught me many things but, now I am seeking to make a niche for myself. My only regime will be to thrive in my passion. You have done so many things for me. Your unconditional love is something so magnificent for which I can never repay you. Still somewhere I felt that you should know more about me. It’s not that I am counting your mistakes but I found these things necessary for you to know. I am sorry If I have hurt you by speaking my mind.

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8 thoughts on “A Letter To The Parents

  1. Beautiful letter reflecting upon the quiet rebellion that needed to come out in open. The generation gap creating larger than life difference in our existences. The letter reads smooth and fine, the detailing of events and observations say a lot about the writer’s craft: thank you for sharing .

  2. This is something unexpected, but trust me you’ve put in amazing thoughts 💭
    I just loved the way you portrayed it.

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