That day they had a very painful fight. She got shattered by his behavior. Earlier also they had many fights but not the way they fought today. During her way back to home, she was thinking about the retentive memories they had together. After few minutes, she reached her place with a bad mood, she threw her bag on the bed, undressed herself and went to take shower. Taking cold shower was a way for the rectification to all those bleak and lonely thoughts for her. She wanted to cry out loud but, she was afraid of her own gloomy echoing voice. She never wanted to hear her own helpless voice because she knew that being strong wasn’t an option for her but, it was a necessity.

After an hour, she came out making sure that her eyes weren’t red and swollen. She tried her best to hide it from her roommate. She went to her bed and just to distract her mind from those agitating thoughts, she started reading a novel. She knew that it won’t help her much, after all she had a very deep, seven years old bond with him. Again, those thoughts started dominating her mind. She was reading every single word of that page but, her mind was not in coherence with her eyes.

“I don’t know why you have become like this! I don’t know why you have started caring less for us! Maybe it’s just because of the problems and stress you are having in your start-up. But you can tell me about those things. I am always there for you and you know that! I know you for the past seven years and you are not like this. These small things not only affect me but they also affect you.” She completed seventeen pages of the book, thinking about the fight. Then she closed the book in anger and kept it aside, pulled her blanket covering herself entirely. At the end of the day, her imperious emotions exterminated her strength and made her weak, breaking her up into tears.

Few days passed, they talked to each other but not in a usual way. She thought that he doesn’t care anymore and it is going to end soon. The thought of their separation intimidated her soul from the core but, she pretended to be strong enough to bear it.

One fine day he called her up and said, “Are you busy, today? Actually, I want to tell you something. Can we meet after your work?”

These words were enough for her to sense the vibes of the end of their story, she thought that the time has come for their separation.

With her heavy heart and trembling voice she replied,” Yee.. yes sure”

“Actually, I want to meet you just for few minutes, I have to give you something!”


“Okay, call me after your work. I will drop you to your place.”

“Yes okay”

“See you soon then, bye!”

She gathered some courage and said, “Bye.”

With her teary eyes, she hung up the call. She felt the existence of such inconsolable pain for the first time. She controlled her emotions and carried on with her work.

Few hours passed, with every passing minute she wanted the time to cease.

And the time came. She was consoling herself with every walking step. She said to herself, “It’s ok Riya. Sometimes, things don’t work the way you want but, the time will pass!”

She saw his car outside her office. He was leaning on the car, waiting for her. He was wearing black suit with Riya’s favourite shirt. She came near him and stood there, controlling her emotions. He had a big smile on his face. He hugged her and gave a peck on her soft cheek. The pain she was going through blurred his care and love for her. She had this in her mind that these are just last few moments. He opened the gate of the car, she sat in the car and then, he went onto the other side and sat in the car. With powering on of the engine, she felt the pain with the same intensity.

He asked her about her day and about her work. She was giving him just yes and no(s) answers. Then he asked him to open the glove box in front of her. She opened it and saw an envelope inside it. She was blank.

“Open it when you reach your home. Not now!”


She thought that he wasn’t observing her but, she never knew that he knows her girl very well.

Finally, they reached her place. He stopped the car.

She came out of the car and they wished each other bye.

As she started walking towards the gate of her hostel, he called her from behind,

“Hey Riya!”

She turned to his side,


“You were asking me about your birthday present, there is something for you!”

She gave him a fake but, a big smile with tears in her eyes.

“Okay, bye, take care!”


That day, pain was the constant thing she felt when she was with him. And even his departure didn’t bring any changes.

She was thinking to herself,

“This is my birthday present, your departure, our separation. How can you be like this? You were not like this. I am unable to understand that what was my mistake? My birthday present in an envelope and that too with a message that we can’t be together anymore!”

Somehow, she managed to go to her room hiding her drowned face. She opened the envelope, she started reading it.

Hey Love,

Since so many days you were asking me that what I am planning to gift you on your 25th birthday. Darling, SINDOOR, the most honourable gift that I can ever give you! I know we are going through many ups and downs. I have started getting frustrated by small things but you know what baby, doesn’t matter whatever happens, doesn’t matter how much I try to run away from you, I can never live without you. I am observing everything from so many days. It was my fault. That day, I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you. I am sorry for everything!

Will you marry me?


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