Dear old me,

Today the results of 12th boards are announced. Students are so scared. I remember how terrified you were, looking at the piece of paper with scores on it. I know how you thought of giving up on your life and were so eager to suicide.

I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.

Mahatma Gandhi

Today, I want to tell you that you need not worry because now I have become a successful person. Passage of time is the law of nature but, gaining experience with it, is the obligatory concern of this life. I have become a man embedded with jewels of maturity and it is all possible just because of you. Your immaturity has taught me to take my actions in a more ripened way. The petrified yet, fearless you have helped me to carve these words in my mind –

“Your fearlessness decides the limits of your life.”


letter to the old self

I want to thank you for all the troubles that you have tolerated just to grow into a new and enriched me. On my bad days, you made me realize my flaws and my mistakes. Trust me, all these things have worked as quintessence in the struggles that I have been through. I am emanated by your failure, your sadness, your happiness, your heartbreak, your struggles, your victory, your silence and your rise.

“I don’t regret my past, because it made me stronger.”



There was a day when you feared to stand and speak in the public. One day, it was your news turn. You had to speak in front of 2300 students. How terrified you were that day! But, then someone told you, “Audience doesn’t know about your fears and nervousness, they are standing there just to listen to you.” This line gave you the power to give a marvellous performance. You did it very well bro! Even today when I feel little nervous, these words echo in my ears, making me bold. That day, if you would have just run away from the stage instead of facing it, I would have never been enough gutsy to speak.

“Fate loves the fearless”


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There was a time when you feared strangers, walking by your side. Stupid thoughts, going inside your mind like – “What will they think about it? Is my shirt looking good? Are they looking at me? Are they passing comments? Are they judging me?” and many more made you feel very low. But then, you were the one who showed some courage by gathering your thoughts and focusing on the things that mattered. By giving your ambitions a motion, you gave a life to your peculiar envision.

“You were born to light up the world.”



I liked it when you started reading books. Thank you for exercising yourself mentally. When I look back at my past, I feel so great having such vast knowledge, though I have to gain more. I don’t know when you got enough intelligent to see the world with a different angle but, yes, it started with you, my dear past.

“I am a part of everything, that I have read.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Heights, the only thing that didn’t let you overcome the terror of vertigo. I remember how scared you were of crossing the foot-over bridge over the running cars. But, one day you mustered up the courage to do bungee jumping! How?? Today, when I look at those old pictures of yours, I feel like meeting you and thanking you from the bottom of my heart. That day your bravery made me realize my potential.

“Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.”

Dr. Albert Anthony
old self

Those were the days when you didn’t feel like doing anything. You felt as if this is the end of your life and you didn’t have any reasons for that kind of feeling. I know how broken you felt. But all those things summed up in making a better and strong me, mentally and physically too. Every time you fell from the staircase of learning something new, you made a new staircase of opportunities through it. Sometimes you were not willing to even stand up from that place but, you did. Your valour made my heart tenacious enough.

“Have courage, dear heart.”

CS Lewis

You met so many people in your life. And the thing that impressed me is that, that you have learnt from each one of them, even small things attracted you. You were a keen observer. You knew who played smart with you and who was the one to trust. I guess that is the reason that even today I have very few and precious friends. Your innocence defied others ego, making my surroundings peaceful and better, today.

“Life is a journey of knowing different people.”

The Enigmatic Creation
self help

At 40 years old you simply know what life is about.

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Dear past, you have given a new definition to my life. You are an aisle showing me the standards of living life, fortuitously. I know It was very difficult for you to go through it but, you never gave up. I want to thank you for having so much control in your pattern of thoughts. I want to tell you that you have made an intellectual man out of me. A man who knows its potential, his strength and his weakness. I want to thank you for everything that I am today.

Yours truly,

26 Years Old You.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to the Old Self

  1. This really is beautiful. It reflects what you are within. A strong and an independent woman. Blessed we are for we can read your work.

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