How much we missed for we never really realised the importance of being grateful?

I was in the ninth standard. I used to have Behavioral Science classes. I know most of you don’t like it. You don’t find it crucial for your life. Even I didn’t! One day, our teacher came to our class. She was a very sweet lady and always talked, logically and sensibly. She took her seat.

“My lovely children, today we will talk on ‘kindness’. A small word with a great significance”, she said with a gleam in her eyes.

Everyone was waiting for her to go ahead and tell more. Few got curious. Some were thinking, “What’s great about it?”

Ignoring everyone’s expression, she continued, “Today, you will tell me one kind thing you have done recently or ever in your life.”

Everyone started thinking about some or the other incident. Few were just staring at the toppers, expecting them to get up and deal with the boring situation. Few minutes passed. Our ma’am was sifting for a volunteer in the midst of the blue and white uniforms. Then one girl raised her hand and got up from her seat.

The teacher nodded giving her permission to speak.

“Yesterday, I made tea and gave it to my maid. She got very happy and gave me blessings.”

People in the class were like, “SO?” Some started laughing. My teacher got happy and asked everyone to clap for her. I didn’t have as such any reaction but, lately, I realized that it was a noteworthy thing. Everyone has do-my-this-work servant at their home but, no one has a thank-you-for-helping-me servant.

show gratitude

Do you know the name of the person who comes to your house daily to cook food or the name of your plumber? It’s good if you know. It’s okay if you don’t because to you it doesn’t matter but, it’s not okay if you aren’t thankful to them. You see them daily. Give thanks to them for being there. Ask them about their life or at least appreciate them for their work.

Rarely, you show your gratitude to your parents. Do you know why? Because they do everything for you without expecting something in return. You take their unconditional love for granted. Do you remember the last time you thanked your mom for cooking the delicious food even when she was sick? Have you ever showed your gratitude to your dad when he fulfilled all your desires, even when he didn`t have enough money? Have you ever seen the love of your siblings, when they stood by your side in your bad times and sometimes gave you their piece of cake to just make you happy? Show your gratitude without feeling shy or restricting yourself and you are going to embrace the most memorable act of your life.

“The more you express gratitude for what you have the more things you will have to express gratitude for”   

Zig Ziglar

Last time, where did you go for your vacations? Where did you stay? Do you remember the first person you saw in that hotel? No? Okay! Let me remind you. The moment you entered the hotel, there was a person near the glass door, fully dressed up. Wearing a turban on his head, with a big moustache, opened the door for you and greeting you, as if he was waiting for you. Saying namaste to you and honouring you but, I am sorry, you didn’t notice. It’s not your fault; you were there to enjoy your vacations. But, next time when you go there when you see him, give a pause to your delightful life and just pass him a smile, a big smile. A smile showing the gratitude, divulging him the importance of his presence. You will see the ecstasy on his face. He will get energetic and active too. He will try his best to make you more comfortable.

Prayers are the most facile way to give satisfaction to oneself. Whenever you pray to Lord, you always ask for more and more. You always focus on the things that you lack in your life and you ask for it. But, you never focus on the things that you have. Last time when did you thank God for giving you what you have right now? Maybe you don’t remember because you aren’t in the habit of thanking him for what he has given to you. Before asking for more, show him the gratitude.

Love isn’t ever wrong; it’s you who make it wrong. Once, I was stuck in a situation when I was not able to talk to my man, properly, for it was the society who was always ready to judge us. I used to curse myself and even him for being apart. I forgot the most important thing that at least I was able to see him daily. I realized that it’s the time that was testing me making me stronger day by day. I was thankful that whatever it was but, at least he was in front of my eyes, safe and happy. From that time, I never blamed my situation and started focusing on more real and positive things.

What if the next day you wake up and find yourself drowning in a deep well brimming with blue water everywhere. Shouting for help but, no one is bothered to listen to you. You live in a house, maybe in a mason or in a shanty. It doesn’t matter. Be thankful for that roof over you because you aren’t one of those people who don’t have anything to save them from the heavy rainfall.

“Oh, dear! You look beautiful. From where have you bought this black dress?”

When your friends ask you, give thanks to them and also praise your life for living in that moment because you never know when and where your fate can take you!

After the dark night, the next day, when you get up in the morning, don’t you feel fortuitous that you are alive? You could have died in a fraction of seconds in the midnight without anyone’s knowledge but, you can open your eyes, move your eyeballs and you are healthy. If you think that these things aren’t imperious then maybe you are still waiting for the 1000 likes on your picture that you recently uploaded on Facebook and maybe, you are thankful to that because it has greater significance for your existence.

“He was a very good man.”

“He was very hard working too.”

People say good words to those ashes that float in the air after death. Why do you need to do that? Instead of praising someone when they are alive, you love to praise them in their funeral. Stop that. Tell them what you feel about them when they are alive. Be grateful that you are surrounded with such good people.

Don’t be satisfied with the small things, work for big things but, don’t forget to be grateful for what you have at that moment. Everything is just a form of energy; it’s you who make it zestful. We are all mortals but, your essence is immortal for it is the one who has created this world. Giving and receiving is another thing but, thanking someone is an elegant act.

Be grateful for the food on your plate.

Be grateful for the roof over your head.

Be grateful for the friends that you have.

Be grateful for your significant other.

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  1. Your pen has wonder …the way you express the situation …one could feel them n meanwhile can change the track by reminding your thoughts in mind! Keep on writing 😊👍

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