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This poem is a beautiful description of the colour red and how a woman after roving four corners of the globe comes to find the answers in the warmth of her lover’s embrace. Love is the inspiration behind this poem and the significance of red and how it is the colour of love has been defined prosaically. This poem is written by Monalisa Joshi. She is the winner of the competition of writing on the topic The Significance of Colour organised by The Enigmatic Creation.

~ 1~

Why is the colour red for love?
She asked, “And why is the colour,
Same of blood,”
Question was uncomplicated but,
Answered by more it became more,
Convoluted and so she had no clue,
What to do and whom to ask,
Not yet ready to give up,
On her hopes and her dreams,
Mia decided to travel far, to the,
Farthest lands where no woman had,
Set foot, she gathered her folks,
And gathered villagers myriad,
But none consent their will,
She was a woman, a beautiful one,
Men desired to marry her and,
Women envied her blossoming,
Youth, how could the town allowed,
Such thing, she was supposed to get,
Married, a woman’s womb was to carry,
Child and her mind should be empty,
She should not indulge in questions,
Neither should she ask, her life should,
Be as the men wanted, and thus Mia was,
Left alone, they all laughed and joked,
On her silly outlook, babbling curses,
Upon her, the ‘Simple Town’ folks went,
On to their job’s and women to their chores,

~ 2 ~
Mia faced the harshest of words,
But kaput not as of yet, she decided to,
Go alone on her quest of knowing the,
Most complicated answer to her simple,
The question, she packed her knapsack with,
One dress and two slices of bread, one pair of,
Slippers and a map to follow her dreams,
She began from the South and saw merely,
Green, the whole town and city was green,
She knew here she wouldn’t find her answer,
Consequently, she headed to the north,
Crossing lofty mountains and lush green,
Meadows, witnessing the juiciest fruits,
And smelling the most fragrant cherry,
Blossoms, her quest here rested for a while,
Mia was lost in the tranquillity,
And visited myriad pilgrimage to seek the,
Truth, yet to her despair she still found,
No answer to her slight complicated,
Question, and yet couldn’t see the,
Colour red anywhere, the North showed her,
Peace and to the farthest her eyes could see,
The land was covered in white,
The North was much like an angle’s reside,
And soon Mia’s mind became restless,
Her insomniac gestures forced her to leave,
And thus again she bid adieu to the north,
Breaking again myriad hearts of men,
Her beauty was desired, her youth was,
Tempted by many, but Mia wasn’t to fall,
There was yet another land to explore!

~ 3 ~

She asked again, “Why is the colour red for love?
And the same of blood,”
As she set her foot on the land of the tribes,
Whilst her quest for knowledge rested,
On the East, she was welcomed with warm,
Hearts, and blue, green, yellow, varied hued,
Tapestry woven by rural women,
Mia was delighted to be enclosed,
Within vibrant colours but to her dismay,
She found nowhere that glorious red,
The reddest of them all, that would make,
An Apple ashamed of it fall,
Her mind was desperately probing still,
And when the nights quietly arrived,
She saw few lovers escaping into each,
Other’s warmth, she grew a lonesome woman,
Then on the farthest of alien lands,
Silently sighed, she did missed her home,
The simple folks of the ‘Simple Town’,
And one face, whom she had clandestinely,
Admired, with next dawn she was gone,
This time her journey was to the West,
And there was no time for her to rest!
She ate the last of her breads,
She wore the last of her dress,
And before the sun set, she needs to be home,
After finding her answer in the land,
Of the Goddess and the flowing Ganges!

~ 4 ~

Mia reached on foot; on the Ghat she stood,
The cool soothing water touched her feet,
And she couldn’t stop herself from dipping in,
She bathed into the purest of waters,
Thinking she shall be enlightened,
And soon she saw the flock of women,
Playing with vermilion, the reddest of the,
Red sat on their head, their cheeks crimson,
And their faces glowing with glee,
It was autumn air, the days of the Goddess,
For once Mia felt she had found the answer,
She has seen that red, the colour of love,
And went closer, but none touched her,
None played with her and the parade moved on,
Bewildered Mia shed myriad tears,
“I was this close to my answers,
I was this close to the end of my quest,”
She babbled when a hand touched her,
Face and turned her fair skin red,
Her eyes twinkled and her heart thumped,
It thumped louder and louder,
She heard the name; it was of her lover,
Of a man who stayed in the ‘Simple Town’,
A strong man who loved her much,
Alas! Blind in her mind’s quest she didn’t,
Ever for once listened to her heart,
She now ran and ran for days and nights,
But then she merely walked,
Too weary now to make it back home,
And one day she fell down,
And her eyelids were shut!

~ 5 ~

“Why is the colour of love red and
Why is it same as blood?”
Mia was still babbling in her sleep,
“Because I had always loved you and,
Always will, Oh! My sweet Mia,”
The deep manly voice startled her more,
She woke and saw that man she had,
Always loved, Mia again felt her heart,
Thumped, thumped and thumped thrice,
And she knew what it wanted and they,
Made love, she was in his embrace,
When he took her hands and said,
“Oh! Poor Mia, for the most simple,
Question you roved around the world,
You heard your brain, and followed blind,
The answers were always within you,
The blood is red, for it comes from the heart,
And love is red, for it begins from the heart,
God wants us to love red, the colour of blood,
God wants us to lead from heart, and thus,
One day there shall be less bloodshed,
And only love, my dear Mia, that same love
Resides within each and all of us,
Love is the most divine; red has to be its colour”
He was quiet and smiled, Mia had all the,
Answers, she knew it was for love,
That her man had always stayed behind,
Silently; keeping her safe evermore,
She merely now wanted to stay for,
Long and forever in his warmth,
His love made her cheeks blush in the brightest of red…

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