dont be scared of change

What is the meaning of change for you? Are you the same person as you were a few years back? No! Maybe, you have changed for the good or for the bad but somewhere in life, you have changed.

Every now and then, we get into the discussion of ‘Change’. We go and watch some patriotic movie and then we come back to our home and we are like

“ Duniya badal denege hum toh!!”

Then, we have our dinner, we get busy with our phones. Our mom shouts from the other room,

“Who has thrown this chocolate wrapper here?”

Who gives a damn bro! We ignore. You know, we are the cool kind of people.

“Apni duniya, apna ghar, konsa road pe feka hai, jo itna halla karri ho?”

And then we go to sleep. The next day, we wake up, thinking that we are the kings of this world. Everything goes like that only, we forget all the things.

“What in this world do you think should change?”

If I ask you this, what will you do? Are you going to stay quiet and wait for someone else to speak up first? No, you won’t wait. Actually, you can’t wait. The moment I will ask this question to you, you will jump up from your place with your thoughts getting more diligent and start blabbing about thousands of issues going on in our country. You will give your opinions on how a person should be! You will start judging the theories and rules of this world. You will say,

“If I would have been the master of this world, I would have changed this world in the fraction of seconds!”

change your place
stand out

And that’s where your ebullience lacks reality. Instead of seeing and checking what’s inside our pocket, we prefer snooping in someone else’s pocket. And we are in a habit of doing this, of blaming someone else for everything and expecting them to change for us.

People travelling through railways say that,

“Government should provide some more facilities for the cleaning purposes.”

But, they aren’t enough vivacious to just get up from their seat and throw the small glass of tea in the dustbin. Sometimes, they will just throw it out of the window or just hide it under the seat or some corner.

Yes, it’s a small thing but, it counts.

You define yourself then, why are you following others?

old way
new way

Change is a very frequent topic, discussed all over the world. Some of us try to change for the good of the world and for the betterment of our own existence. Some of us have realized that it’s necessary to be the part of the change. Accepting the change for the good doesn’t harm us, neither the society.

Some people want to change but, they are afraid of the changes. Not just the changes but also of this,

“What will others say?”

It’s because they lack self-confidence and most importantly, self-awareness. Maybe, they haven’t got enough good self-image to come up with something new and expect others to follow them. But it’s not like that! If you will start it then, gradually, you will find yourself surrounded by the people who will adhere to you.

Sometimes, it happens that people aren’t enough conscious to get out of their comfort zone. Instead of accepting the fact that they are lazy, they will give excuses. They lack the vision for improvement. They think that they will win the world, just by following everyone.

Sometimes, humans are the one that acts as an obstacle, if someone wants to change. Sometimes you will find that your school friends who used to waste their time in parochial things have changed when they went to some other place for studies. It is because of the new place and friends that they have got. Your company matters a lot. Some of your old friends condemn when they see that you have changed your thinking and attitude. So be with them who are ready to accept your changes and allow them to change. It’s not egregious to change. Uplift others to change for the betterment. Help others to discover their real self and embrace it.


The change isn’t a very broad term to focus but, a very small concept to fathom within you. The world doesn’t need to change and the world will not even change until and unless you won’t start it. Sometimes you will see that we are like,

“They are also doing the same thing! Why are you saying this to me only?”

But, why do we need to do the same? If they aren’t doing it then, we can start it! We weren’t honest that day but, today, we can just not give the bribe to the officer just for few documents and wait in the line. We weren’t aware that day but, we can just pick up that lollipop wrapper from the road and throw it in the dustbin. Neither it will make you small, nor will you become big. But you will get a feeling of transcendence.

You and I can’t change the whole world until and unless everyone becomes conscious of it. But, we can take the first step!

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