Dark matter by blake crouch

Title : Dark Matter

Author : Blake Crouch

Publisher : Pan Macmillan

Ratings : 4.1/5

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch revolves around the theory of multi-universe or parallel universe that exist. Till now, it is the best sci-fi book that I’ve ever read. Crouch has framed the story, so alluringly, that it gives a jolt to your composure. It compels you to think about the choices that you have made in your past.

It’s a story of an ordinary professor, named Jason. He had a good going life until one night, someone seized his car as he was on his way from one of his friend’s party, who won the Pavia Prize. The abductor had a gun and his face was covered with geisha mask. He asked him to get off his car and drove away to an address. They reached to an isolated area, all dark. He injected few drugs in Jason’s body.

“Are you happy in your life?”

These were the last words Jason heard of the masked abductor, before getting unconscious. As he got conscious, he found himself, in some science laboratory, surrounded by strangers in suits. A person with whom he had never met, smiled and said, “Welcome back.” They knew him as Jason but, Jason didn’t know them. They knew him as Jason but, a Jason who was never married, whose son was never born. They knew him as Jason but, a Jason who wasn’t a professor but, a well-known genius, who had achieved something remarkable.

At first, Jason got confused and ran back to his house. But he found that his house wasn’t his house anymore, though the spare keys are kept hidden at the same place. He found that, he was in a different world. It was unbelievable for him but, he had to believe it. He had a disorientation, which compelled him to think that whether it’s a dream or reality. For once, he thought that, it’s the reality and before this, he had hallucinations due to the brain tumour, which later proved to be negative. Looking at the mark on his ring finger of a ring, he tied a thread on it to remind himself that he wasn’t crazy and he will solve the problem.

He searched for his wife, Daniella. He met her, the one who wasn’t his. He got to know that she has become an artist and even she was surprised looking at him. They met in one of her artwork’s launch. Ryan, the one who won the Pavia Prize in Jason’s real world, was also there. He told her his problems and she believed him. But later on, she was killed by the laboratory’s people. They took him to the lab and questioned him about the invention but, Jason knew that as long as they want something from him, he had leverage. But then laboratory people didn’t get any answers so they injured him and kept him in a cell. One of the member of the laboratory, named Amanda helped him to run out from the cell.

This book mainly portrays the journey to different worlds at the same time through a box, which didn’t have any controls and operators but, the mind of the traveller. Its door opened to the world, bestowed that the travellers mind should have the feelings and emotions defining the world, where he or she wants to go.  Jason travelled along with Amanda to find his real world. Amanda gave up because she knew that finding Jason’s real world was just like finding a grain particle on the shore of the sea. And she left him because he wasn’t listening to her.

He finally reached his home after having glimpses of many worlds, where he experienced strange things. But then he found that he wasn’t the only Jason in his real world. There were several like him, wanted to live with his wife and his son. The real Jason wasn’t the one who left his world one month back but, a one full of wisdom. He decided to act randomly, without thinking. So that, he didn’t have any other choices, this wouldn’t had let other Jasons to follow him and his family.

The author has concocted every scene, mindfully. The different worlds, that are ultimate, have been described, minutely. This book will make you think, “What if I had chosen that path few years back?”

From the beginning itself, the book maintains the curiosity of the reader till the end. It will make your conscious to think about every choice you have ever made.

About the Author

blake crouch
dark matter
Blake Crouch

Blake Crouch is an American author, best known for his Wayward Pines Trilogy, which was adapted into the 2015 television series Wayward Pines.

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