I love Sunday mornings.

The month of December not only brings the epistle of Christmas but also cold winds along with it. Every morning, during those chilly winters, I and my blanket fall in love with each other, as my cozy blanket denies to relinquish me from its arms. But I feel pity for my blanket because the foggy weather outside is peeping in from the window, enticing me more and more.

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you. Over my bed, there is a sloppy glass which is my favorite. I always wanted to live in a room like this with a window over my bed so that, I can enshrine the constellation of the glorious stars in the night sky while sleeping. The roof of my room faces the northern sky. I can gaze my the beautiful Orion, arranged in a perfect pattern.

We have recently shifted to my new house, which is a dream house of my dad. He has planned every inch of this house on his own, though with the little help of experts.

As I open my eyes, my favorite window is covered with fresh dew over it. This is the best thing about this window, I don’t have to move even an inch to see what’s going outside! My sister, Tiya, is lying next to me, in smooth water. It feels so good, looking at her tranquilized face. Sometimes, I think that she might have been the queen of mischievous people in her previous life. I get up from my bed, snugly.


My room is a place where all the necessary things of mine fit, decently. I walk towards the window.

A study table, books, and books.

A fireplace with a damper, with stones carved on the side walls.

Mirror with golden linings, on the with either side of the fireplace.

Windows. Curtains, all still. Light shivering in through them.

As I unlock the window, it opens slowly with the cold breeze striking right on my face. All the chills, feel at once. Inhaling the cold air makes my organs feel happy-happy. I look at the garden outside, glutting with colorful flowers, besieged within the golden fencing.

My mom is crazy for flowers. She always says to my dad,

“Honey, I want this flower! I want that flower and blah blah blah…”

At the center of my garden, there is a tree, a massive tree. It is very beautiful and colossal. The whole tree turns red, laden with red flowers, in the month of March. The red flowers dominate over the green replacing all the leaves, making it more divine. Maybe, it was my father, fortunate enough to have this tree already at the center of this garden. Anyways, he is used to the habits of my mom regarding the necessities of the garden because even he is also fond of flowers.

“Darling, what about this flower and that flower and blah blah blah…”, you know!

After relishing the cold gust, I close the window of my room and go to my dressing table to find my hair brush, a pink one! I brush my hair and tie a pony. I go to the washroom to get freshen up. I brush my teeth and then I come out. There is a corner in my room, with a very small bed. Actually, it’s Tiya’s bed, but she sleeps with me. She is jealous of my king bed! Sisters are like this only. I am happy too, about this thing, because now her bed has become my reading place.

I go to the bookshelf.

I take out my book from it.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

I sit on the bed.

Without books in this world, I would have died.

Over this tiny bed, there is a little cute window, from where light makes its own way and cascades down on my book.

I carry on with the reading for the next half an hour. Then I go to take shower. I am not that hot-water-kind-of-person. Doesn’t matter, whatever the weather is, I always take bath with chilled and frosty water. I undress and as I turn the tap on, I jump off the shower.

“It’s too cold today!”

Though, I am cold-water-kind-of-person but, I opened the tap at once, that made me lurch. Then, I turn it off and open it slowly-slowly. First, I put my hands under the shower then, I check the water by throwing my legs under the water. Then, showing some courage, all at once,


I take the shower and I come out wearing the bathing gown. As I open the door, what I see, makes me go mad.

Tiya is standing outside with my lingerie and clothes, on her hand. And I know what is going in her mischievous mind.

Early morning!

I don’t understand how someone can be so energetic.

“You idiot! Give me my clothes. I have to go outside.”

“First promise me one thing.”

“Oh God, not again Ti!”

“Pleeeeaaase!” Don’t you want your clothes or what?”

“What do you want?”

“Okay! Actually, you know… umm…”

“Say… and give me my clothes. It’s too cold!”

“I have spoiled my polaroid camera… soooo…”

“How can you be so careless Ti?”

“Don’t you want your clothes or what? I know you have washed all good one last night only and you have to go out right now!”

“Please Tiya!”

“Ask mom that you also want a new Polaroid camera, a pink one. And then, give it to me. Deal?”

“Not now! At night. Now give me my clothes, I have to go.”

“Promise me first…”


She hands me my things and goes to the washroom with a monster kind of laughter, “Hi-ha-ha-ha”

Tiny stupid girl, as if I am going to do that!

I get ready. I go to my friend’s house. I tell my mom that I will have my breakfast there only. My house is in the outskirts of the city and there aren’t many houses over here. This place is very quiet, away from the chaos going on in the city.

Zev, the only person near to my home. So, I go to his place every Sunday morning. He has become my good friend.

I dress up.

A blue frock, bordered with red satin lace.

I brush my hair.


As I come out of the house I see a vendor, selling candies. I buy some of them for me and Zev. There is an alluring park on the way to his home. Zev’s grandpa gifted this beautiful park to his wife on her thirtieth birthday. His grandpa didn’t find any serene place to spend time with her grandma so, he made one.

Grandpa is no more. No one knows how he died. Zev and his grandma say that in some car accident. The World believes them, but I don’t. But my opinion doesn’t matter because I am just fifteen! No experience. Don’t know anything about the world. A teenager.

I feel very lazy today. I keep on walking.

The weather is good today. I love this weather. Cold.

I start singing, “Walk! Walk! Walk! In the light……”

After some time, while walking I feel a very strange touch. I collide with something or someone. I don’t know.

“Ouchh! Who is there? Who is there?”

No one replies. No one is here. Maybe, I am daydreaming. I start walking again and after few minutes, I reach his home.


To be continued… 

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