A country like us really needs to change.

A country like us really needs to change.

From where will it start? From whom? Who will take the responsibilities?

Our Prime Minister? Politicians? Police? Government officers? Sweepers?



Are you kidding?

The country like us really needs to change!

We know that. We hear that once in every day.

We want the system to improve, the politicians to become accountable, the officers to become honest, the sweepers to become responsible. We feel that the country like us needs to change!

That’s our only part. We see something wrong. We feel. We raise our voice. We complain about it. We blame others. We abuse our Prime Minister.

We, the smart, the cool, the intelligent us.


Polythene is banned in our country. We all know that but when shopkeeper tells us the same thing, it hurts our ego. We start defending ourselves. The adamant us can’t do that, and then we say,

“The country like us really need to change!”

Sometimes, the shopkeeper agrees or offers us the polythene. And we accept it. Not even for once, it strikes our mind to deny it. Not even for once, we tell him the importance of this rule. And then we say,

“A country like us really needs to change.”

Who will start it?

This blaming won’t let us reach anywhere. Yesterday also we were blaming, today also we are blaming.

When will we stop it and start to improve ourselves?

Not now then, when?


Our Government has introduced GST tax. We don’t find it right. We think that government is doing this for their own profit. Shopkeepers have started protesting for it. We have started abusing our government. Some of us don’t even know ‘G’ of the GST, but we are against it because everyone is.


Now, what happened?

Without thinking about its cause and effect for even once, you feel that government is just eating our money. Some say,

“Narendra Modi pagal hai.”

Who will trust the citizens like us, who aren’t supporting the rules and acts of their own nation?

Not only terrorist attacks are jeopardy to our nation, but us.

Instead of understanding the situations. We blame others. We judge others.

Our nation needs to work in coordination. The future is not in the hands of the next generation. It’s us who have to understand the situations.

It’s not easy to hold hands and walk together, but it’s difficult to break the strength of those tightly gripped hands and stop them from walking.



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