Some people work just for an hour and get gratifying results. And sometimes, we work continuously for hours and hours and still do not get any results. This not only makes us regret spending our time in just one work but also lowers our self-image. This dejection is also due to our unfulfilled expectations.

In our day to day lives, we think that we work with all our focus. But it’s not like that. When we were teenagers, our parents used to ask us to not use social sites.

What do you think, what was the reason?

Their narrow thinking or something else. Did your new Facebook friends distress them? Didn’t they find it important?

NO! these weren’t the only reason. They never wanted you to get distracted from these things while doing the essential works.

Explicating the whole thing by giving light on a very small term – studying, will make it clearer.

Why is it that there are only a few people in a class who don’t even touch their books at home, score well? Because of their enduring focus.

While studying, we always get distracted by our gadgets. For a few minutes, we study and then after a few minutes, we start using our phone. Then as time passes, it strikes our mind that we have to study. But we are too addicted to our gadgets, even if there is no message or call, we again start using it. This way we aren’t able to neither cover up our studies nor use our phone, properly.

I know you must be thinking,

“I have tried many times, but unfortunately, I get distracted. I can’t help it.”

Tell me one thing. Are you expecting someone else to control you? Do you want someone else to teach you these things?

It’s you who has to hold your marvellous brain. Holding it doesn’t mean to isolate it. Holding it means instead of thinking other useless stuff, make your brain practice for the things that are going to help you. Teach your mind to focus on the things that matter.

Even you know the difference between fruitless and fruitful things. Still, you just pass your time.

Still, you must be thinking, “I can’t help it.”

If not now, then you can never help yourself. Focus exactly on the things that you are doing. I know it’s not that easy. Though it isn’t mathematics, it needs practice.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Make your mind practice to have control in your thoughts.

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