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The wars are hollowing the foundation of humanity in the name of peace. And if you count the reasons for these unnecessary wars, you will find so senseless answers.

You must have heard of several wars in the countries like Syria, India, Pakistan, etc. Soldiers are standing there on the border, with a weapon in their one hand, gripping it tightly from the other. Soldiers, with courage in their heart, rejecting the thoughts of the fear, standing there, just for one gaffe and then die.

Die for what?

Die to save a piece of land! Die to rule over the world!

But after death, either you get heaven or hell, but no life.

What logic is there in taking the lives of thousands and then winning the battle? This way you can celebrate the victory, but not the inner peace which really keeps you happy.

How absurd it is to fight for the geographical boundary which is a mere piece of land. Do you want this area? Isn’t your own area enough for you or what? Have you used all the parts of your land and became more advanced? No, not yet. You aren’t able to handle the land within your boundaries, but just because of your baseless demands, you are coloring the whole world with red!

We worship the lord for peace in this world, but the wars are disrespecting even the religions. The incredible religious books enlighten us with the artistry of this vast world. It teaches us the rights and the wrongs. For every single person, their religion has the teachings of the highest order. Every religion is best according to its people. But imposing one’s religion on others is disheartening. Just to spread the teachings of the religions, we are fighting with each other.

Terrorist attacks and bomb blasting have become so common these days. There are so many people prisoned in their enemy countries. Why can’t we just free them and free ourselves from these destructing wars? This won’t cause any destruction to anyone. People find it so easy to attack the schools of innocent children, who aren’t a part of any of the conspiracies of a country. Children who were attending the schools to learn about your terrorism and the irony is you didn’t let them learn that also.

Have you ever thought that there are still many commercial reasons for these wars? Have you ever thought that if the war stops, it will a big loss to the thousands of factories that are manufacturing weapons? Weapons are commercialized to different countries, leading to destructive wars. What if these weapon factories get closed? What if there will be no Supply of weapons to any of the countries?

Is there any sagacity in killing people in the name of patriotism?

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Nothing is permanent in this world and the wars are increasing the pace of the death. Today you killed one, tomorrow the other, next day the thousands. After few years tell me that who will be here to celebrate the victory?

The most thrilling thing is that everyone is questioning, but the world wants the answers.

The grim fact is that we prepare for war like precocious giants, and for peace like retarded pygmies.

-Lester B. Pearson

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