how to attract more money

“I don’t have clothes to wear.”

“I don’t have money to buy books.”

“Oh God! My phone’s screen! Why does this happen to me? Now I have to invest in its repairing too.”

“I don’t have money. What am I going to do? How will I survive?”

How do you live your life with such thoughts in your mind? Such gloomy thoughts let you focus on the deficiency of money.

By worrying and repeatedly, saying about the shortage of money, you throw yourself more into that kind of situation and start squandering the little that you have. You keep fixating the problems.

With so many dismal thoughts messing up your conscience, making a space in your subconscious when you wake up the next day in the morning, you find the electricity bill. The next day, an EMI. Next day, another bill and so on.

Do you know why?

Because you expected this only. Yes, you!

You think what’s wrong with your life. Why everything at the same time?

Darling! You need to hold on. Stay calm. Nothing is wrong in your life. Everything is wrong with your thoughts. What are you thinking right now? Are you worried about your little bank balance?

Flush those thoughts off!

Let your conscience be free of the ignoble feelings.

You are the master of your mind. It follows the highway on which you ask it to go. Leave the highway of small and doubtful thoughts and start making a new highway of ecstasy. Teach your mind to follow the new highway, full of positivity.

Your mind isn’t any garbage. Be sure about the information that you let into it.

Relax. Let yourself calm down.

I know all of this sounds senseless. But this is the way, it works.

Every system inciting this world is actually based on some laws, which works basically on the orders of your mind. Our mind is programmed in a definite way. It was not like this since your birth, but it has been programmed by the kind of input you have allowed into it, in these many years.

So, start attracting the more that you desire.  Do you want to have more? How will you feel if you become rich? What is that feeling? How is that feeling? Have you ever felt it? Have you ever waited for the cheque, out there waiting for your expectations? Have you ever felt that happiness of being satisfied?


What are you waiting for?

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