In the holy day of our birth, there is a huge celebration. For a hope and a new gleam to this world is born. A new born is a source of endless expectations and not just for one, but for many. And along with these expectations, the uniqueness of the new base gets blurred in the absurd surmises.

Mom. Dad. The first two words that we learn to speak. The glory in which our childhood is surmounted. The one in whose lapel, our mistakes hide, easily. The one in whose honor, our head is held high. The unconditional love, because of which our clothes shine brighter than them. Their myriad endearment makes us feel safe.

Lover. It’s a better place since you came along. The person who holds the three-fourth of our life story. How we make peace with our mind and with everyone else by prioritizing our family, known of the fact that the person standing beside us gives the actual meaning to our life. This is the time of our life where we learn to create everything. The inception of portraying our picture with someone else in a photo frame, perfectly.

Family. Defining a family isn’t a small task. All we can write is the happiness. The intimacy. The pride. The Armor. The list is too long. To define the family, there is a need for good vocabulary.

Society. Walk as many steps as you want, you will end up within the boundaries of the society. Run miles and miles, yes darling, on the path of the society. Shout as loud as you can, your voice will echo inside the four walls of the society. Think as loud and deep as you can, with no persistence.

One. Two. Three. Four. To these many houses, I belong. These many homes I own. These are the homes along with which I have grown up. Along with these homes, I learn to discover the different ways. Along with these concomitants, I celebrate the victories.

“So many homes, I own. Now let me create one to harbour my soul”

-The Enigmatic Creation

I. The one that I forgot. How we forget our own life, our own sky full of stars. How we are taught the rules of every single path we chose. How the learnings are engraved in our soul. Engraved so dark, that we are afraid to change. We are afraid of the gratitude that we owe to the myriad endearment, the forever love, the armour and the tall walls. In the process of building our homes in all these places, we overlook the significance of our own soul.

A champion that needs to raise up little more than where he is. A believer who understands the significance of the small things in his life. His failure isn’t something that can make him fall, but it is a new opportunity to improve. A person born to define his own boundaries. An orator, ready to create a new foundation of thinking. A believer who needs to rise up his own significance in his own mind.

Build a home to shelter your passion. Don’t seek for the permissions and catch the hold of your dreams because that is the place where your heart belongs.

Life. A big ocean, you are diving in. Go and explore the dark corners that are left behind. Dance till the midnights. Make a home of your own.

There is a need for you to create your own home. There is a need for you to make your own moves. There is a need for you to build your own castle of happiness.

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