Since more than fourteen years, I have been continuing with learning the basics. For the first few years, I learned the ABC of language and the next few years, the ABC of Engineering. For fourteen years, I have been doing the exact same thing, regularly. I wake up in the morning, wishing for some teacher to get sick and get absent and then, unwillingly dragging my ass off the bed. How easily you thought that my unwillingness is due to my lack of interest towards my studies. Everyone thinks that students are allergic to learning things. Oh sorry! Above all this, we aren’t expected to learn new things, but just score good marks.

I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree from one of the million well-known universities of the world, but of course, not IIT! This semester we have a subject – Basic Electronics, holding its position in the ABC of Engineering, significantly. But trust me, I hate this subject from the bottom of my heart.

Today, a new teacher came to our class. Our class, as noisy as always, was trying to settle down as slowly as possible. The teacher entered our class with a blank face, walking heavily, searching for something that might not be there in the class. Finally, everyone settled down. Then, my friend sitting next to me said, “We asked for a Basic Electronics’ teacher, they sent us a beanbag.” Whatever it is, but commenting on someone is the obligatory thing, doesn’t matter whether you are an artist, a writer or a singer.

He opened the marker and started with his session. In between, he asked us few questions, the ABC of Basic Electronics and we blabbered out the bookish definitions because we always study to score well. For the next forty-five minutes, he spoke continuously, without getting interrupted by even a single student. I know it doesn’t sound strange to you, but when we talk about a class where a variety of human beings assemble together and that too to gain knowledge, there are many who always keep on distracting the teacher.

There are people to whom some of you refer as the backbenchers, the ones who are always blamed for not maintaining the decorum of the class. But then, what was the thing that held the attention of the whole class, even the backbenchers? The bean bag? The subject? The topic?

NO! But the way he was making us learn. His way was the thing that maintained the pin drop silence in the class. His way was holding the attention of every single eye in the class.

Some say that nothing will go to our mind if we won’t listen to the things that are being taught by them rather than making us understand in the way that we can. Everyone including teachers often blames the students, the backbenchers, and the noisy ones, that they aren’t interested in studies and they disturb the class all the time, known of the fact that everything can become very easy if they just change the way their students understand.

When you are giving the knowledge to others, don’t just try to explain your opinion or any subject topic or whatever it is, but make the learner understand that.

If your child is not understanding it in your way, then change your way!

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