Title: I’ll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Publisher: Walker Books

Ratings: 4.6/5

I’ll Give You the Sun is a beautiful artistry of words by Jandy Nelson. It is a story of love, family, heartbreaks, suspense, art, death, life, grief, sacrifice and what not. Nelson has described every character so deeply that everything feels real. With every line of the story, you get more and more acquainted with the real scene in the story.

This is a story of twins, Noah and Jude. Noah, an artist not a famous one, has shutters to his thinking with portraits and self-portraits of his own imagination. He falls in love with a guy, Brian, but he is afraid to accept it. He wants to get admission in California School of Arts and is working on his portfolio so, he can furnish it with the best.

Jude is a mind-blowing surfer who is afraid of becoming that girl. She doesn’t like her mom. She is a weird kind of girl who talks to the ghosts, and Grandma Sweetwine is the one as Jude misses her a lot. Jude follows a bible with all the entries made by the Grandma and therefore, this bible is Grandma’s bible. She always feels left out whenever her mom and Noah talk about the art or visit an art museum. It isn’t that she is not good at art, but she isn’t as good as Noah and even Noah always thought that she is better than so he never let his mom see any of her sculptures. Noah and Jude are close until a tragedy drives them apart. They barely speak due to some misunderstandings and mistakes.

A corollary said by Jandy Nelson, “Love is only half the story.”

From the beginning itself, the interest in the story is maintained.

Here are few highlights of this amazing book.

  • Grandma’s Bible – The Bible entries made by Grandma are extraordinary and at the same time strange too. Jude follows them in her real life. Some of them are –

“If bad luck knows who you are, become someone else.”

“Soak a mirror in vinegar to deflect unwanted attention.”

“Write your sins on apples still hanging on the tree; when they fall away so do your burdens.”

“What someone says to you right before they die will come true.”

“When you talk to someone through a mirror, your souls switch bodies.”

  • Noah’s Portraits and Self-Portraits – Noah imagines and portrays everything within the boundary of his mind. He is such an incredible artist that whenever something happens, he starts drawing it inside his head.


  • Museum of Art – This book itself is a museum of art as it has conveyed that art and sculptures are not just defined within the boundary of pencil, paint, rock, clay, and canvas. Art is what your eyes can’t see but your heart sees.


  • The Artistry of Words – Noah and Jude’s thoughts are poured on the paper point to point. Just by reading it, you can understand the love as well jealousy that exists between every twin.

About the Author


Jandy Nelson, born 1965, is an American author of young adult fiction. Prior to her career as an author, Nelson worked for 13 years as a literary agent. She holds a BA from Cornell University as well as MFAs in poetry and children’s writing from Brown University and Vermont College of Fine Arts. Nelson lives in San Francisco, California.


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