Title: Always Red

Author: Isabelle Ronin

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc

Ratings: 4.3/5

Always Red is the second part of the Chasing Red. If you have read the first part then no can stop you from ordering the second book because it has that high addiction level. The author has expressed the emotion of the characters intricately.

It is the story of Veronica and Caleb which epitomizes the significance of one’s presence in our life. Caleb and Veronica were not just lovers but brought good changes in each other’s life. They helped each other in discovering their own flaws and strength.

They were in a school and Caleb was about to graduate and Veronica was a year younger than Caleb so she had a year left to graduate. Beatrice Rose was Caleb’s close childhood friend who loved him and thought that at the end, Caleb will always come back to her no matter whosoever comes to his life. It happened every time but this time Caleb devoted his love to Veronica. This sowed the root of jealousy in Beatrice Rose. She wanted to hurt Veronica and kick her off from Caleb’s life but this never happened.

Kara was Veronica’s best friend who never left Veronica’s side. She always tried her best to save Veronica from the devil, Beatrice Rose. Kara and Caleb’s best friend Cameron were in a relationship which didn’t last. Author has not given a clear delineation of the life story of Kara and Cameron.

Overall, this is a very romantic novel and before reading this do not forget to read the first part. You can find its review here – Chasing Red

About the Author


Isabelle Ronin is a Filipino-Canadian writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her Wattpad story, Chasing Red, has garnered over 140 million reads and was one of the most-read stories of 2016. When she’s not writing, Isabelle can be found hanging out in bookstores, cafes, and, whenever possible, the beach. You can follow her and read her stories on Wattpad.

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