Title: Love Story

Author: Erich Segal

Publisher: Hachette

Ratings: 4.2/5

A marvellous story with a flair for words. Love Story is a simply written story of a twenty-year-old rich boy and a working-class beauty. Oliver Barrett IV, an athlete, epitomizes the opposite of Jennifer Cavilleri, a music student.

The story starts with the college life of Oliver and Jenny. Oliver was never happy with his parents as he belonged to a stuffy WASP family. He never liked his dad. Jenny was a baker’s daughter and was very close to her father. Oliver’s family never accepted their love.

Oliver and Jenny started their new life separately, working their ass off. At the same time, they were also planning their future and were studying hard. After a few years of hard work, Oliver succeeded in his career of law. After getting settled, they started planning for a child, but the truth brought a big turn in their happy life. Author has portrayed the outline of the story very well.


About the Author

Erich Segal

Erich Wolf Segal was an American author, screenwriter, educator and classicist. He was best known for writing the novel Love Story, a best-seller, and writing the motion picture of the same name, which was a major hit.

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