Title: You Do You

Author: Sarah Knight

Publisher: Quercus Editions Limited

Ratings: 4/5

The author has written this book with the reader’s point of view. She has explained what to do when someone punches all the unwanted questions and suggestions right on your mind. She has explained how to deal with the situations where we have to choose between I and them.

You Do You is a book which willhelp you to face and live your life in the way you want. Even after knowing whowe are and what we are, we live our lives following the rules set by otherpeople. It’s time for putting our happiness first. It ‘s time to relieve ourselves from the manacles of anxious and insecure mind.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • You Are Here
Are you doing you?

As the name suggests, the author congratulates that ‘Oh! You are here.’ This part consists of orientation exercises like figuring out the qualities – strengths and weaknesses, of the reader. The author introduces Judgy McJudgerson – People who simply don’t understand you or don’t like you and just judge you. The author has described a method Mental Redecorating – how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.    

  • Dos & Don’ts

This part explains the Dos and Don’ts. These aren’t the simple rules that you get to listen everyday like don’t be selfish, do your best, don’t be difficult etc, but this book says – be self-ish and ask for what you want. Do what gives you happiness but make sure you don’t hurt anyone.    

  • Wills & Won’ts

People often say You will regret it without even knowing you and your potential. By giving advices people think that they are not just giving advices, but they are doing a favour by saving us from ourselves. But most of us don’t need saving, but permission to be ourselves.  

  • Shoulds & Shouldn’ts

If someone tells us that his/her partner is their world and they are before their family, we definitely judge them because we have always been taught that – you should always put family first. The author says love and respect should be consistently earned – not granted in perpetuity on the basis of having passed a single DNA test. Similarly, the author has written about many shoulds and shouldn’ts that we prejudice.

book review of book you do you by sarah knight. it is a good self help book.

You do you says if you’re not doing you, you are screwing you.  

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