Title: Pillow Thoughts

Author: Courtney Peppernell

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Ratings: 4.6/5

Pillow thoughts is one of the best poetry collections. Each poem is written beautifully, limning the sincere and divine love. All the poems are very well written and are relatable. Poems are full of emotions and promises. There are ten different sections.

This book has poems on love and heartbreaks. Few best ones are –

  • They say don’t fall in love with writes

Because their poems

Are messy

And their letters

Are empty words

Dressed up to look pretty.

But I say

Fall in love with me

Because underneath the mess

And in between the lines

Is a heart too full of love

That would follow you to any city.

  • Darling,

kiss me like you need

to feel safe

because my lips want to know

all the places

you have been hurt

so they can make all the pain

drift away.

The author has written poems on encouragement. Her poems speak of how to feed your soul with encouragement and love. Through poems, the poetess has tried to tell your worth and how much love you are. Few best poems on encouragement are –

  • I know you feel like your best

Wasn’t enough

I know you feel like all the hours

Were wasted

I know you feel disappointed

In yourself

But even though you feel

These things

Probably all at once right now

I just want you to know

That you’re more than what

You believe

I look at you

And I know that you’re


And beautiful

And capable

I believe in you

And I’ll tell you everyday

Until you believe it too.

  • You are a collection of miracles, bound together by sunlight. But you are also much more that; you are a story, a home, a wolf that howls in the night.

This book is a blend of poems of love, encouragement, heart-breaks, loneliness and sadness. In the end, the poetess has even written poems for her loved one which are engaging.

About The Author


Courtney Peppernell is the best-selling author of Pillow Thoughts. Her writing career launched in 2015 with her debut novel Chasing Paper Cranes. Her first poetry collection Pillow Thoughts was released in 2016 and reached number one and the best seller in her category. Having also captured the attention of world-renowned artists The Chainsmokers, Pillow Thoughts was then republished by Andrews McMeel Universal, along with her second poetry collection The Road Between in August 2017. Courtney also released her second novel Keeping Long Island in 2017

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