Title: Yesterday I Was The Moon

Author: Noor Unnahar

Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publisher

Rating: 4/5

Yesterday I was the Moon is a fascinating collection of poems. Enriched with the significance of human existence, the poems are full of bravery. The poems portray the idea of having an aim and strength to achieve it. One of the poems is adorned by the motive behind her writings. The poem goes like this –

i am the rage

left unspoken



by the women before me

so i write a lot and speak

a little firmly

giving life to the words

that never made it out of their mouths

Through one poem, the poet has illustrated the meaning of her name and why and how she got her name. Poetess name means light of the day. In this book, the poetess has portrayed an image of a human and what one is. One of the poems depicting this is –

you are

the peace after wars

the calm after storms

and everything

insanely beautiful

that shapes after

a tragedy

Some of the poems illustrate the value of precious time. How the time passes, making us stronger. And how it is important to make a few decisions of your life within a limited time.

One of the poems is –

it only takes

a second or two

to look into their eyes

and decide

whether you’re home

or at just another

perfectly decorated house

There are many pictures portraying the essence of the poems in this book. In one of her poems, the poetess has described the importance that the world gives to the hijab, a mere cloth to cover a face.

The poem goes like this –

a piece of cloth on my head

screams an identity

louder than words printed

on any document

even the sky outside knows

where i come from

About the Author

Noor Unnahar is a modern-day artist and poet whose work combines handwritten text, tactile collage, and photography to illuminate themes of hope, home, self-love, culture, acceptance, and survival. 

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