Title: Elon Musk

Author: Ashlee Vance

Publisher: Virgin Books

Rating: 4.9/5

Intensely inspiring! Elon Musk is a biography of Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. This book introduces the various sides of Elon to the readers. Elon Musk is not just an entrepreneur, but a great engineer with a high level of enthusiasm and discipline towards his work. Working for Elon Musk is not an easy thing because he searches for people who are willing to devote their lives toward their work and make Earth a better place to live in.

Elon Reeve Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Sometimes, he used to get lost in his own thoughts, his parents thought that his ears are weak so they went to the doctor and got his adenoid glands removed in order to improve his hearing. Afterwards, they realised that his ears are all good and he just gets lost in his own mind doing some calculations. Elon was an introvert. He never had many friends. He spent 10 hours of the day reading books and wasn’t a very sporty person. And he was often bullied in school.

Elon designed his very first game called Blastar and it was the first-time public came to know him. Elon is an optimist who believes that he can do whatever he wants. He is very strict about his time. Once when he had hired some software engineers for his first start-up Zip2, he gave them some work and they weren’t able to write the coding for two days and he saw it, he finished it an hour.  

Elon has made a great impact in Aerospace industry with the embarkment of SpaceX. In this book, Ashlee has described the different phases of his life and as you will read you will get to know that when a man can never give up even after having his two rockets crashed, he can fucking conquer the entire world. Elon met various investors and went to the various countries to buy rockets at low cost. Once a Russian spit at his face thinking that he is some kid seeing big dreams.

Elon goes to various colleges and picks up the students with highest grades. He is looking for people who are interested in these things since their childhood, people who have worked on various models. Elon wishes to colonize Mars and make human multiplanetary species and he is working at a rapid pace to achieve it.

Tesla, a company that manufactures electric cars is an expression of Musk. Musk has worked really hard to bring electric cars to the market. CEOs of other company thought that it’s silly to talk such stuff, but now they see it happening and they are amazed. While reading this book, you will realize that why are we studying Brayton and Otto cycle in our engineering course when there are these amazing electric cars, running through batteries.

Musk thinks that if you don’t have something like a rocket or cars part, then manufacture it instead of just going to some other company to buy it. SolarCity is also moving towards success. Elon has played the game of business really well by providing electricity through SolarCity to the electric cars charging stations and also getting the batteries manufactured from the Tesla for the SolarCity. He has many other creative plans that he has discussed with people and looking forward to work on it.

Elon married his college friend Justine who was a great wife but then their relationship worsened with time. He always said to Justin that if she would have been his employer, he would have fired he long back. When Elon lost his first child, he never really discussed it to his wife. Elon’s wife, Justine thought that he was bad in dealing with emotional situations but Elon say that it is not worth worrying about the past. He never really showed his emotions. Later Elon and Justine had five kids and then they divorced.

Talulah Riley, a young actress married him when she was twenty-two. She tried to make his 5 sons live an ordinary life but Elon never made that happen. Elon spends a good time with his kids now. Whenever he takes them to his company, his kids are like ‘Oh no, not again’. Elon’s kids don’t find the rocket and electric car factories cool anymore because they have seen it since their childhood.

This book tells what it is to live Elon’s life. Elon is a man of motion. He can never sit free handed. For this book, the author has interviewed many people from his life. Ashlee wasn’t the first person to ask him write his biography but the one who kept on asking him for 18 months until Elon said yes for it.

If you will miss reading this book, you will miss something great in life.

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About The Author

Ashlee Vance (born 1977) is an American business columnist and author. He is well known for his biography of Elon Musk. The book was released on May 19, 2015.

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