This article is written to build awareness of sex education, transgender equality and the problems faced by Muslim children in schools.

Did you just lock your phone screen and check whether any one of your family is there or not? Did you ever think why do you need to do that? And why everyone asks you to hush when you say madarchod? Is it so bad? And if it really is then why? What is there to hide in these things? Why talking about sex is a big deal? Why it hurts when someone calls you chakka (transgender)? Why a Muslim never likes to be called a terrorist?

All these things are a part of our upbringing, hidden in one or the other form. Bhenchod, bakchod, madarchod and many more – these are bad words because chod needs to be hidden. Because it is not good to talk about sex publicly. Most of the teenagers end up getting into trouble because they are not offered sex education thoroughly. They feel shy to even discuss it. We are taught that it’s wrong to say it. And therefore, when someone says bakchod, it is a big deal.

“Chakka hai kya tu?”

Since our childhood, we see transgenders as people who are different from us. The society has programmed our mind that thinks they can curse you for doing something wrong. Some people are confused that whether they have a penis or vagina or just a hole. Every person has their own opinion. Most of the people still don’t know what is so different in them. Our society has made a big deal to even discuss it. You can’t just go around and talk to them, people around you will just eat you with their eyes only.

“Isko kuch bolna ni, bomb se udwa dega!”

These are the struggles that Muslim children face in their schools. I know it doesn’t seem to be a big thing to you, but it is to them who face it in a day to day life. The children don’t even want their parents to complain to the school authorities. Everyone wants it to be hidden behind the curtains. Nazia Erum in her book Mothering A Muslim has said that Muslims don’t discuss it even in the Muslim Community itself.

Why do we need to hide the things that hold a big part in our life? We are what we are. We should accept ourselves and others too. Hiding things won’t solve anything, but would lead to bigger problems.  

The more we hide, the bigger it unveils.

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