Title: Mothering A Muslim

Author: Nazia Erum

Publisher: Juggernaut

Ratings: 4.7/5

Mothering a Muslim is an overview of the indifferent world in which a Muslim wakes up. The author took many interviews to know what it feels like being excluded or made to feel odd. This book talks about various small issues that we see but we ignore. In this book, the author has discussed how it all starts from childhood only. How Muslim parents are scared of sending their kids to school because you never know what they might hear and get upset.

In this book, Nazia has portrayed that how mothers are bridges between the outer and inner world. She has to make sure that her child gets along with other children outside and at the same time recognize the importance of the religion.

Many a times parent get to know that their child is being bullied at school, but they never complain about it to the authorities because all they say is ‘it happens’. From so many parents, she got to know that many times Muslim children are asked to go to Pakistan because they are Pakistani and they never know what to say.

Many times, children at school are bullied because of their identity. Some of the Muslim parents are afraid to even give a Muslim name to their children. They don’t want their children to suffer. And when we will look into these things, we will realize that’s how unnecessary it is to ask your Muslim classmate about her hijab, how unnecessary it is to say – “Oh! You are a Muslim. You don’t look like one.”

In this book, the author has also discussed the conservative nature of parents in the Muslim community gatherings. They never discuss the bullying. They meet and smile as if nothing wrong ever happened.

Many times, children don’t make Muslim friends and it is not that they are thinking this way since their birth, but it is what they hear at home. How people are prejudiced when it comes to Muslims. This book has discussed various factors which are ignored on the day-to-day basis.

In this book, the author mentioned the names of the schools where she took interviews and also the names of the school that refused for it. At the end of the book, she has even given steps and solutions to lessen such unnecessary things.

Every Indian parent should read this book.

About the Author

Nazia Erum - Mothering A Muslim
Nazia Erum

Nazia Erum is the author of the critically acclaimed and hard-hitting book, ‘Mothering a Muslim’, which has been called an ‘important book’ for our times.

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