Title: All The Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven
Publisher: Penguin Random House Books
Rating: 4.8/5

This is the story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die. The author has highlighted the suicidal issues among teenagers by the virtue of this story, and while reading the readers will feel that this story of life and the self-destruction belong to each other. The readers will be in awe with the way the author has portrayed this story.

It is a story of a boy Theodore Finch and a girl, Violet Markey. They studied in the same school. One was labelled as – the freak and the other, a Hero, who saved the freak. Violet was recovering from her sister’s death in a car accident and was scared of sitting in the car. Theo was the boy who used to be mostly on probation as he used to get into fights often. He never really cared about the people around him except one day when he met Violet.

Theo and Violet were working on a project where they had to wander the different places of Indiana and so is the name of the book – All The Bright Places. They listed out different places to wander along with a set of rules to be followed. Ultraviolet Remarkey-able, as Finch used to call her, started feeling better with him. She started recognising her old self. They fell for each other. Finch loved writing songs and playing guitar and Violet was a good writer before her sister’s death because after that accident she forgot how to write.

Violet and Finch used to text each other on Facebook and in fact Finch signed-up on Facebook only for Violet. They used to shoot each other with beautiful words of Virginia Woolf and as you will read them, you will get lost within the charm of the author’s writing style. They had these cute names for their vehicles – Leroy, Violet’s sister’s bicycle and Little Bastard, Finch’s cars.  

Violet and Finch were assigned different counsellors to whom they just lied with the highest level of confidence as if they were speaking the truth. They both had their own reasons. Finch used to search and jot down various methods and incidents of the suicide of history. He was a crazy guy who believed in Life or Death and nothing in between, Asleep or Awake and absolutely nothing in between. And the irony is that his craziness will fascinate you more and more.  

As you will read the story, you will have this urge to stop Finch from doing anything stupid and save him and not let him die. The worst part is the unbelievable death of Finch. The author’s writing style is so deep that it will hit right on your psyche and you won’t be able to help it. This book will make you go crazy.

The story is deep and inspiring. It will tell you that It is not what you take, it is what you leave.  

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About the Author

All the bright places Jennifer Niven
Jennifer Niven

Jennifer Niven is an American author is a best-known author for the 2015 young adult book, All the Bright Places. She is a Survival of Suicide.

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