Movie Title: Kesari

Release Date: 21st March 2019

Rating: 3/5

Director: Anurag Singh

Production Companies: Dharma Productions, Azure Entertainment, Zee Studios & Cape of Good Films

Kesari is based on the real story of one of the gallant battles that India fought in the year 1871 when most of India was conquered by the British Empire. A small communication post, Fort Saragarhi functioned as an intermediary between major forts – Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhardt.

It is a story of a brave warrior, Ishar Singh, whose pride and valour lies in following his duties. As a punishment, he is transferred to Fort Saragarhi from Fort Lockhart due to a direct conflict against the orders of the Britishers. At Saragarhi, the soldiers are undisciplined and unruly, but a great leader always increases the competency of the team and so did Ishar Singh. Ishar leads these soldiers into the battle against 10,000 Afghani Pathans.

Kesari, the colour saffron, is a colour of pride and valour for the Sikhs. The Sikhs have gained more respect and honour because of the bravery exhibited by the twenty-one soldiers in the movie. This movie brings up the buried story of courage which was never discussed.

Apart from the heroism and craziness of Sikhs, this movie has also dug up hatred towards Pathans. This movie will definitely affect the youth religiously because most of the people will forget that the movie is on Afghani Pathans and not every Pathan.

Akshay Kumar has acted with great enthusiasm. Some of the scenes during the fights may not seem so real to many viewers.

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