Title: College to Startup

Author: Venkatesh Yadav

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Ratings: 4.7/5

College to Startup is one of the most relatable books written specifically for a college student who is struggling to become an entrepreneur. This book covers almost every emotional, financial and physical challenges, a college student faces.

This book defines the real meaning of the word ‘Startup’. Also, it warns to not go for a startup just because it is on trend or you think it’s a cool thing to do. Have your own startup because you really love it and have a vision.

The author has covered many significant aspects of the entrepreneur and as well as given his own real-life experiences which makes the book more relatable. Venkatesh started his own business when he was in the second year of college. This book consists of several sections.

Entrepreneurship is never in blood

Almost every successful entrepreneur you know never had any entrepreneur in their family. Similarly, just because someone in your family has a business doesn’t mean you will have it too. No successful entrepreneur is born as an entrepreneur. It depends upon how badly you want it.


The author has discussed the importance of vision in this book. Vision is the ability to foresee your startup’s contribution to the world. Vision lets you define your biggest ‘why’. Also, there are days when things don’t work out as you expect and you feel depressed, vision is the only thing which will help you.

Expect the Unexpected

Always expect the unexpected. You never know what can happen the next minute or next day and therefore be prepared to face every situation. The author has even compared how working in a corporate is much easier than being an entrepreneur. Also, as you will grow your startup automatically your friend circle will get smaller as you will meet people with the same mindset. But the quality of people will be far better than what you are having right now.


Money is an important factor for any business. The author has delineated various sources of money. Of course, your first investor will be your parents. Your friends and family can be your angel investors. You can also participate in various competitions and you can use the prize money in your startup. The significance of personal saving is deeply discussed in this book. The author has also discussed the concept of crowdfunding in detail with his own life example. Crowdfunding is a great way to test your idea of whether people really want your product or not.

Power of Association of People

The power of association of people greatly enlightened by the author. Having a supportive family is a huge advantage. Your parents know your strength and weakness and they will be the best person to guide you. But you cannot take advice for your startup from your parents because they have never worked in that field and they never want their child to fail.

Avengers in Your Team

Your team members are the Avengers. Every member has a different skill set so, it’s better to distribute work among your team members in a correct way. Don’t start doing everything on your own. In the beginning period of startup, never hire or bring in people you don’t know. Always bring in your friends or mutual friends. Always make sure that each member is a good team player and doesn’t have an attitude of ‘I know everything’. Your team members and you as well should have a growth mindset and should be always ready to learn.

Significance of Your Partner

Having an understanding partner is one of the biggest advantages. It’s good to be self-motivated but external motivation is necessary as well. Your external motivation comes from your partner who always stands by your side. It’s fine if you don’t have one but then you should make sure that you are maintaining your motivation for your dreams. The author highly believes in the Law of Attraction, according to which you attract people just like you.

Significance of A Mentor

Having a mentor to guide you through all the stages is necessary. As an MBA professor can never teach you how to do business because they are themselves an employee so, choose your mentor wisely. You can save a huge amount of time and money just by choosing the right mentor and following them. You can even use social media for finding a mentor. Follow great entrepreneurs online.

Startup Secrets

One of the most important sections of this book is Startup Secrets. In the section, the author talks about the difference between having an idea and executing an idea. He says that the wisest people are buried in the graveyard as they all had great ideas in their minds. Do not fear to share your ideas because you never know you may find a co-founder for your startup.

Share the Solution to The World

Solve your own problems and then share the solution to the world. If you want to make billions, solve problems of billion people. Analyze the results and outcomes of your work regularly. Also, analyze why it didn’t go as you expected and what you need to change.

Significance of Saying NO

Don’t say yes to every other opportunity that you find. Learn to say no because you need to have your focus on one thing to make it work. Multitasking is for losers. There are days when you feel that it was the most productive day but think it again. You have put your hands on every other work and left everything partially done. So it’s better to complete one work first and then jump to do something else.


Delegation is one of the most powerful tools in entrepreneurship. Delegation is the process of empowering others and reducing your pain. The author also understands the necessity of making a to-do list and follows himself.

Power of Networking, Finance & Time Management

The power of networking, finance & time management is thoroughly discussed in this book. It’s not that you are always going to win in your field. Sometimes you will lose and you will fail badly. The failure will make you fall down on your knees but that is what we all are made of. It’s important to take risks and make tough decisions. You cannot live your life happily, fulfilling others wishes. If you wish to achieve your dreams and be happy with your work, you need to sacrifice many things.

At the end of this book, the author has recommended a few important books and also the mentors you can follow online. This book is written in a simple language. It needs to edited again as it has few punctuation mistakes.

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About the Author

Venkatesh Yadav
College to Startup
Venkatesh Yadav

Venkatesh Yadav is the founder & CEO of Being Social. When he was 18 years old, he started his business while still being in college. He faced multiple problems, but now he helps other young entrepreneurs to start their own startup and shares his knowledge through seminars, speeches and books.

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