Title: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Author: T. Harv Eker

Publisher: Hachette India

Ratings: 5/5

Warning: If you aren’t willing enough to take the actions, do not read this book.

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is the most important book when it comes to money. This book is the missing link between our desire for success and our achievement of success. Yes! This is the book that everyone needs more than anything in their life.

This book consists of two parts. Part I talks about how about money blueprint of different people. It talks about the significance of roots to get a wealthy fruit. Part II proposes seventeen wealth files. After every wealth file follows powerful declarations and Millionaire Mind Actions.

This book will introduce you to various concepts and law of money that are present in the world, doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not. When it comes to money, we always go with the flow but this book will introduce you to the various wealth files that were never known to you. You will experience powerful declarations that will help you in replacing the non-supportive thought files with the new wealth files.

We have always known and ignored the significance of commitment to oneself and work. This book has discussed it too. The author has also discussed how is mind was the biggest obstacle to his success and how he chose not to entertain disempowering thoughts.

The brain is powerful. It’s the most important toolbox of our body but what if there’s a leakage in our toolbox, will our system work properly?  

This book has discussed the mindset of the rich people in detail and why the gap between rich and poor people is increasing day by day. It explains the difference in the thinking process of poor and rich people.

This book will demystify that why some people are rich and some people are destined to life struggle. It will make you learn step by step strategies for increasing income and building wealth.

How we always think that it is always about what we do outside – the outer results and thus the outer world. But this book will tell you the significance of the inner world. It is necessary to understand the working of the inner world. When a poor win a lottery, after a certain time it will return to his original financial condition because his mind is programmed that way. Same way when a rich person loses its most of the money, after a few days he or she will make that money back because his mind is programmed that way. Because even though some self-made millionaires may lose their money, they never lose the most important ingredient of the success. The author has termed it – the financial thermostat.

The formation of your money blueprint is entirely dependent on the Process of Manifestation. The Process of Manifestation says that thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results. To reprogram your financial blueprint, the four key elements are necessary i.e. awareness, understanding, dissociation and reconditioning.

Many times, we have heard the success story where they say that a person became successful because they had a bad past. The author has explained this as Power of Intention. The book says if you have achieved something because of anger or just to prove yourself to someone, you can never hold onto that success. It is important to have a happy intention or reason behind every work to achieve success.

The author discusses the biggest reason behind every fight in a relationship. He says that it is not money itself but the mismatch of money blueprint. The author says that no thought lives in your head rent-free. It is either a cost or an investment. Either it will take you to happiness and success or away from it.

The goal of this book is to identify where a reader fits in the scale of wealth and to create more like rich if you want to create wealth. The book teaches you how to convert your not-doing habit into doing habit.

If you ask someone what is more important – money or love? Most of the people will say love. But the author says that money and love are the same as our hand and leg. Money is important in some places and some places, it’s not.

Everyone in this world wants something. The author has explained the three levels of so-called wanting. The first level is – I want to be rich. The second level is – I choose to be rich. The third level is – I commit to being rich. It’s important to understand the difference between these three because that raises your level.

What we focus on expands! So, if you focus on spending, you will remain broke and if you focus on keeping, you will improve.   

It isn’t a small book but it is engaging enough to finish in a day. But then what matters is how much you learn and how much you implement. Each line of this book is one of the most important lines you have ever read in the entire world. Study this book as if your life is dependent on it.

Check out Secrets of the Millionaire Mind at the best price

About the Author

T. harv eker
secrets of millionaire mind
T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker is an author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation. He is the author of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind published.

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