Title: Dying To Be Me

Author: Anita Moorjani

Publisher: Hay House

Rating: 4/5

This is a book of self love and infinite greatness. It’s a journey of a lady from cancer to near death to true healing. It is a big, unconditional love story that will give you a renewed sense of who you truly are, why you are here and how you can transcend any fear and self-rejection that defines your life. The purpose of the author is to ignite the spark of magnificence that lies within you. 

The foreword of this book is written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. This book consists of three parts. The three parts are explained below: 

Part I
This part describes her family and her culture. She used to think that women are born to please others and their position is always inferior to the men. She wasn’t able to adopt the norms of the society so she always thought she is a misfit to the society. 

In this part, the author comments on her confusion regarding different religions and different paths. Also, how she was expected to live and how she could never match those expectations. After few years, the author found her true love. 

This part also tells about her sufferings after getting diagnosed. It wasn’t just her who had to deal with pain, it was her family too. 

Part II
This part is author’s journey to death and back. In this part the author has described her near death experience in detail. How we think that our world is altogether finite. After the near death experience, the author realized that since the universe is infinite, something fantastic has been out of her knowledge. She was overwhelmed by the vastness, complexity, depth and breadth of everything in the other realm.

She understood that cultural pressures doesn’t matter in the other realm. In the other realm, the author even saw her dead father and best friends. Anita says that their communication wasn’t verbal but mutual comprehension. In the other realm, time was a completely irrelevant entity. 

When the author went to the other realm, she realized who she really was and understood her true magnificence. 

When she had to decide between death and returning back to her body, she understood that her body is a reflection of her internal state. 
In this part, you will understand the purpose of one’s life. The author says that you don’t need to go out and search for the purpose but allow it to unfold. 

Through this book, the author conveys the message that each one of us is love. We don’t need to do or be anything to deserve love, but just our existence is enough to get love. 


Part III

In this part, the author has described what she has understood from this experience. The most significant points to understand the magnificence of oneself are:

  • One needs to be oneself, without judgments or feeling that one is flawed. 
  • At the core, our essence is made of pure love. We are pure love. 
  • Never be afraid of who you are.
  • One should look at everything they judge to be negative and question it before coming to any decision.
  • True joy and happiness could only be found by loving oneself, going inward, following one’s heart and doing what brings joy to oneself. 

This book is wonderfully written. Initially it might seem boring, but from part II it opens the doors to greater understanding of our existence.

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About the Author

Anita Moorjani - Dying to be me

Anita Moorjani is author of the New York Times bestseller Dying to be Me. After her cancer diagnosis in 2002, Moorjani was taken to a hospital in 2006 where she lay in a coma for 30 hours, during which Moorjani claims to have undergone a Near Death Experience.

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