Title: The Parable of The Pipeline

Author: Burke Hedges

Publisher: Manjul India

Rating: 4.8/5

The Parable of the Pipeline will help you to build a pipeline of your future in this New Economy. In today’s world, becoming a millionaire is a matter of choice, not chance! The author hasn’t talked about anything that’s impossible but all the practical choices which can be made.

The author has explained every concept with a tale in the beginning. The tale distinguishes between bucket carriers and pipeline makers. This book will either ignite your passion or just show you the truth.

How today most of us are trapped in time for money trap. For every minute, we get earned. We think if we will work more, we will get more money but no one thinks of something which works even if you don’t invest time in it. And since most of us are bucket carriers, we just laugh at this concept.

This book tells how to build a pipeline while you are still working. The author says that the key to financial freedom is to adopt a pipeline building mentality and then to put your pipeline into action.

One of the interesting and helpful concepts in this book is Doubling Concept or Rule of 72. The author has expounded the money system of the adult which can help them.

If you are someone who wants to stay a millionaire even after getting retired, then this book is for you.

About the Author

Burke Hedges

Burke Hedges is an extremely well-known author, speaker, and trainer in the Network Marketing industry. He wrote “Who Stole the American Dream” which was the #1 selling book in the entire history of Amway

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