Title: Falling into Place

Author: Amy Zhang

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Rating: 3.9/5

Falling into place is a beautifully written book with a bad ending. The beauty of this story is the way the author has written it associating the entire story with Physics. This story is a less sad version of The Thirteen Reasons Why.

This is the story of a girl, Elizabeth Michelle Emerson, a less liked but a popular girl. A girl with a good heart but not enough to resist herself from committing bad deeds. It is a story of a girl who gave the world time of one week to convince her to not to commit suicide. It is her story of how she blamed herself for destroying everyone. Elizabeth shared a good bond with her dad but then she lost him at a very young age. Her mom is mostly busy with her office work, travelling around. So, she is the only one living in her house of course accompanied by the silence. Silence echoed. It filled the corners and the closets and the shadows.

This story starts with a car crash of Elizabeth. The entire suicide was well planned to make it look like an accident. She crashed her car on the death anniversary of her dad because she never wanted her mom to feel bad for two days in a year. This story is not just about Elizabeth but her friend Kennie and Julia. This story is of a boy who gave her a reason to live, who for once confused Elizabeth for her decisions.  

This book is amazing for it has Newton’s law of motion working in the entire story.

The titles of the chapter itself make the story intense because some of them are fifty-seven minutes before her car crashed, forty-four minutes before her car crashed. Isn’t it scary to just know what is going on in someone’s mind before committing suicide? It is will give you Goosebumps when the novel itself will ask you what will you do with the last week of your life?

Falling into place by amy zhang
fiction book review

The writing style of the book is amazing. Every page is going to say to you, “how can you just leave me without feeling my every line!” This story contains words fierce enough to make you scared of the main characters death.  

Understanding the narrator of the story might disappoint you because you will be very curious to know about it throughout the story. Also, there are snapshots, described by the narrator.  

This is a personal story of a girl to which definitely most of the readers are not going to relate with. Some might even think that how can someone just look at only the dark clouds in the sky. But yes even though this book didn’t have a better ending, we would recommend the debut of this author because of its extraordinary writing style.

About the Author

Falling into place by Amy Zhang
book review
Amy Zhang

Amy Zhang was born in China, grew up in Wisconsin, and currently attends college in upstate New York. She is also the author of This Is Where the World Ends.

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