Title: Connect The Dots

Author: Rashmi Bansal

Publisher: Eklavya Education Foundation

Ratings: 4.8/5

‘What is business? It is common sense’

Connect the Dots is an inspiring gift for all the entrepreneurs out there. This book consists of struggle and success story of twenty famous entrepreneurs. This book will tell you their life stories when they started from scratch.

The author has written about twenty entrepreneurs without missing a single emotion and hardship of their lives. This book is divided into three sections –

  • Jugaad

This section consists of 9 entrepreneur stories who have no formal training in business. They learnt by observation, experimentation and application of mind. These people never believed in just luck as Prem Ganapathy (Dosa Plaza) says that Luck hai lekin ghar pe baitha rahega to luck nahin milega. Koshish karega to hi luck saath dega. Prem has always believed in providing better services and building strong relationships. He is more inclined towards the solutions and not problems.

Kunwer Sachdev (Su-Kam) believed that important stuff of life is not what we learn in a classroom but what we learn outside. Sachdev says that it’s not just your decision that develops you but the mistakes that you commit because from there you learn something. Also, he believes in working towards his passion.

Have you heard of Veta? Now, who would have ever thought to become a successful entrepreneur just by having a coaching centre? Ganesh Ram (Veta) made his dreams come true. Ganesh never went after something but as the things demanded, he kept changing himself and his business model.

When a woman like Sunita Ramnathkar (Fem Care Pharma) with all the luxurious life can be crazy about her passion then why not you? A South Bombay woman even after having everything in life had an itch to do something different. She launched Fem bleach cream and the only strategy she believed in was giving a demo. If you want to start a business, find out something which is not available and which people want.

One of the entrepreneurs M. Mahadevan (Oriental Cuisine) says that never get complacent. Even if ten times the customer gets a good meal. The 11th meal, the kebabs are not good. But one will only talk about the 11th meal, forgetting the first ten good meals. That is human nature. So never compromise!

Now how can you just become rich by selling t-shirts on your own? A crazy diamond Ranjiv Ramchandani proved it. He believes that doing your own thing is better than sex. He believes that things should be done in a way it has never been done before.

In this section, story of all these entrepreneurs is portrayed –

  1. Prem Ganapathy – Dosa Plaza
  2. Kunwer Sachdeva – Su-kam
  3. Ganesh Ram – Veta
  4. Sunitha Ramnathkar – Fem Care Pharma
  5. M. Mahadevan – Oriental Cuisine
  6. Hanmant Gaikwad – Bharat Vikas Group
  7. Suresh Kamath – LaserSoft Infosystems
  8. Raghu Khanna – Cashudrive
  9. Ranjiv Ramchandani – Tantra t-shirts
  • Junoon

This section consists of life stories of 7 entrepreneurs who are driven by a particular idea or passion. Something which is different, ahead of its time. R. Sriram (Crossword) has never left a chance of making a difference in a customer’s life. through conversations with his customers, he learnt how to distil wisdom from the crowds. He knew what his customer wants and how to sell it to him. Through his work, he has touched a lot of lives.

Other than being a politician, what can engineers do in politics? Huh? Meet these two friends – Saurabh Vyas and Gaurav Rathore (Political Edge) who brought up a massive change in the advertisements of the elections. Their mind game says that if you are trying to do something new, first of all, you have to believe in it.

One of the most unbelievable stories is of a man who made money out of makhanas. Now some of you might not even hear of makhanas.

Go Google it!

Satyajit Singh (Shakti Sudha Industries) never had anything to do with makhanas but he made his way in this field. This guy has declared makhana as a national product just by giving his company tagline that says – “makhana…apna desh, apna khana.”

 It is not just Elon Musk making electric cars out there but Chetan Maini (Reva Electric Car Company) as well. If he found any problem coming on his way to dreams, he would sleep over it. He believes that your setbacks are the push that you needed.

In this section, story of all these entrepreneurs is portrayed –

  1. R. Sriram – Crossword
  2. Saurabh Vyas and Gaurav Rathore – Political Edge
  3. Satyajit Singh – Shakti Sudha Industries
  4. Sunil Bhu – Flanders Dairy
  5. Chetan Maini – Reva Electric Car Company
  6. Mahima Mehra – Haathi Chaap
  7. Samar Gupta – Trikaya Agriculture
  • Zubaan

This section consists of life stories of 4 entrepreneurs who created a platform to express their creativity. And doing so these artists became entrepreneurs. Abhijit Bansod (Studio ABD) who once made Titan hit the skies by introducing Raga Range, runs his own company. His every product tells a story. He has a story behind every design.

Who can forget the Prince Dance Group who won India’s Got Talent? Krishna Reddy is the man behind these amazing wage labours and part-time dancers. When these people can do it then why not you?

In Connect the Dots, you will read all the phases that a man goes through to become a successful entrepreneur. After every story, entrepreneurs have given advice to young entrepreneurs. If you want to become an entrepreneur, do not even think about skipping Connect the Dots from your booklist.

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About the Author

Connect the dots -  rashmi bansal for entrepreneurs
Rashmi Bansal

Rashmi Bansal is an Indian non-fiction writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. As of 2019, she is the author of nine books on entrepreneurship. Her first book, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, traced the progress of 25 MBA entrepreneurs and sold over 500,000 copies, a record for books published in India.

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