Title: The Chennai Killings

Author: Chital Mehta

Publisher: Quignog

Rating: 3.9/5

A shocking, suspenseful plot with a lot of twists! The Chennai Killings will provoke you to recall what you have missed while turning the pages. This book is about discovering dangerous secrets lurking inside human minds. What would an investigation officer do when he discovers the secret of his own life while solving other cases?

“Every murder turns on a bright hot light,

and a lot of people have to walk out of the shadows”

Mark Hellinger

This is a story of victims – Sandhya and apparently, Priya. It is a story of an investigation officer, Vikram. It is a story of dying dead and innocent relationship. While solving the murder case of Sandhya, unexpectedly, Vikram came across his sister’s murder case. This is not just a crime and mystery story but an emotionally provoking one. It is a bit easy to get involved in the other cases but it gets difficult if you find that this is not just their story but yours too.

Initially, the story is a bit boring as it introduces all the characters but when it takes hold of your mind, it gets hard to close the book without completing it. The author has made this story more interesting by providing details about the victim. Also, some of the additional scenes in the story are unnecessary and also makes the story a bit boring.

The Chennai Killings might seem to be a story of a victim but it is a story more of an investigation officer. The sudden U-turns in the story will entice you. And it is not just about the enticing U-turns, but also her eloquent way of explaining it.

The writing style of the author is quite observant since she has provided every detail of the victim. Author’s metaphorical writing style hasn’t left a chance to fascinate the readers.

Readers who love crime and mystery should definitely read it.

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About the Author

Chital Mehta

Chital Mehta has authored four fiction novels I Luv My Lyf, The Promise, Are you the one for me? and The Heart’s Whisper. The Promise went on to sell more than 6000 copies and was a national bestseller. She is constantly writing about her life and experiences in her blogs.

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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