Title: Questions are the Answers

Author: Allan Pease

Publisher: Manjul India

Rating: 4.7/5

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Questions are the Answers will help if you want to get YES in network marketing. Network marketers have always faced problem in developing a network but now you don’t need to worry about it because this is the magic book in your hands.

The Network Marketing business has evolved virtually overnight without fanfare or advertising and could eventually become the largets business sytem of them all. It is one of the most basic dynamic opportunities ever created by the mind of man.

This book will teach you that science of networking is a learnable skill that requires the same dedication, perserverance and practice as do all the sciences.

This book consists of some of the best techniques and strategies which are discussed below.

  • Five Golden Rules for Success

Before starting this part and following the rules, just make sure that you have really strong dreams that you want to follow whatever it takes. In this part, author has told the Law of Consequence which is – Success is a game – the more times you play the more times you win. And the more times you win the more successfully you’ll play.

When we apply this law to network marketing, it becomes the more times you ask them to join you, the better you become at asking. Here are those five golden rules –

Rule 1 – See more people

Rule 2 – See more people

Rule 3 – See more people

Many network marketers don’t reach their potential and they think it’s because of the people they couldn’t convince, but it’s because of the prospect they didn’t see.

Rule 4 – Use the Law of Averages

Calculate the ratio of people you called is to people who picked up your call is to people who came in the meeting is to people who joined.

Rule 5 – Improve your averages

  • Four Keys Technique

Before you learn these Four Keys Technique, just know that prospects will raise objections to anything you say. It’s because we give them our idea. But when we use these Four Keys Technique, we will let them put their own idea and therefore no objections will be raised. When you use the Four Keys Technique your prospects will tell you what they really want while you do the listening.

The Four Keys Technique are following –

Melt The Ice

Create rapport with your prospects by telling them about yourself and finding out about them. The objective of this key is to purely sell yourself.

Find The Hot Button

This key technique will help you to understand how to light fire under them once you’ve found it. Everyone is motivated by one of two things – To makea gain or avoid a pain. Always remeber that people who have really strong emotional reason to join this business will always remain motivated. Here the author has discussed the importance of Primary Motivating Factors that a distributor should keep before a propect. Also, the best way to uncover these Primary Motivating Factors is given in this part.

And BOOM! The Five Solid Gold Questions will handle it all. It is recommended not to change the order of the Five Solid Gold Questions. These questions are following –

  1. What is your number one priority?
  2. Why did you pick that one?
  3. Why is that important to you?
  4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?
  5. Why would that worry you?

Author has given few examples of how to keep these questions before your prospects. Also, what to do with prospect without priority. The author has portrayed the significance of the Power of Silence.

Press Hot Button

Now comes the part where you show the plan. So now when you have light fire under them and unveiled the suppressed problem, give them solution. The business plan is only a solution to a problem or the way to realise a dream.

While showing the plan, use your prospects words. When you repeat their words, the business plan becomes personal to them, thus more meaningful and motivational.

Get A Commitment

After giving them solution to their problem, be clear and cofident and tell them you want them to join.

These Four Keys technique is the proven way for getting to YES. So, to achieve maximum results stick to this technique.

  • Six Strategic Skills for Powerful Presenting

The following Six Strategic Skills will put potency into your presentations –

Skill 1 Bridging

Bridging is the technique which keeps the conversation moving and avoids the situation where you might talk too much or your prospect talks too less. Here, the author has also introduced the body language of listening. Bridges are a type of open ended question.

Skill 2 – The Head Nod Technique

Head nodding is contagious and powerful. Head nodding indicates that you feel positive. This is an excellent tool for getting agreement and co-operation. The second use of head nod is to keep the coversaton going. Head nodding encourages others to keep talking for longer period of times.

Skill 3 – Minimal Encouragers

During coversations, Minimal Encouragers like – I see…, Really?, tell me more…, etc. encourage your prospect to keep going. It doubles the amount of information the other person gives you.

Skill 4 – How to Keep Eye Control

Having the eye control has a magnetic effect on the prospect. Through this skill, one can achieve maximum impact with your message.

Skill 5 -Mirroring

When two people are mentally in sync with each other, their bodies also move into physicial synchronisation by adopting similar postures and by using the same gestures. The author has explained how mirroring creates good vibes. Also, mirroring helps you to create a good rapport. mirroring differences between men and women will help you to make good connection with the prospect of opposite gender.

Skill 6 – Pacing

Voice inflection, intonation and speed of speaking also synchronise during the mirroring process to further establish mutual attitudes and build rapport.

  • Six Tremendous Skills for making Positive Imporessions

Obviously, we can never have control over the judgements that people make in our first meeting except in the the four areas where we can have some control. The following techniques will help you with that –

Palm Power

Palm power is the most powerful technique. It invests its user with a degree of authority and silent command.

The Handshake

The author has explained the types of handshakes and which one to use to create rapport. Also, which one to avoid!

Left Hand Holding

The most basic and silly technique of all. This technique is all about holding stuff or drinks with your left hand and have your right hand free to greet others.

Smile Power

Humans are the only creature that show their teeth when they are pleased and not to bite you. Smile has a great effect on everyone. So, smile please!

Territorial Respect

During a conversation, make sure that you aren’t crossing the territory of other persons personal bubble.

Dress For Success

What is the difference between a single man and a circus clown? The clown knows when he’s wearing funny clothes.

Dress properly because you are going to find people to walk on the path of success with you. And on this path, aren’t you supposed to dress properly?

  • How to Read the Signs

In this part, the author has told the significance of words and body languages. The author has explained three rules for reading the body languages. Some of the better strategies to read body languages are portrayed by the author.

This book discloses the secret of ‘how to’ which for many, have been their biggest stumbling blocks. This book gives you the keys to use the treasure in your system. Every Network Marketers should read this book.

Everything will work, provided you do.

Get Questions Are The Answers at the best price

About the Author

Allan pease - questions are the answers
Allan Pease

Allan Pease (born 1962 in Australia) is an Australian body language expert and author or co-author of fifteen books. Allan Pease and his wife Barbara have written 18 bestsellers – including 10 number ones – and given seminars in 70 countries.

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