The Delta Wing is a wing-shaped in the form of the triangle. This wing has highly swept angles with the straight trailing edge.

Types of Delta Wing

  1. Simple – In this, both leading-edge and trailing is straight.
  2. Double – In this type, leading-edge is not straight. The two swept-back angles create controlled high lift vortex without the need of the foreplane (canard).
  3. Cropped In this, the portion near the wingtip is cropped and therefore, it reduces the tip stalling. It maintains the lift outboard.
  4. Ogee/Ogival In this, the wingtip is cropped and merged into a smooth Ogee curve.
  5. Tailed – It has an additional tail which optimises the lift for the main wing. It improves handling as well.

Benefits of Delta Wing

  • Vortex lif generation – The flow from the bottom surface will curl up and travel to the upper surface. The flow over the upper surface will become energetic, thus delaying the flow separation. This generates a vortex lift.
  • High performance – At a high angle of attack, these wings gives high performance.
  • Aeroelastic effects reduction – Due to better stiffness, these wings have a low aspect ratio which leads to a reduction in aeroelastic effects.
  • Improved lateral stability – Due to low tip stalling, lateral stability improves.

Limitations of Delta Wing

  • For subsonic speed, it doesn’t have a suitable configuration.
  • It has increased induced drag.
  • Large interference behind the wing may render the flight.

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