Honeycomb Structure

  • Can have a natural or man-made structure.
  • Geometry of a honeycomb i.e., plate-like assembly.
  • Allows minimization of material used to reach minimum weight and cost.
  • Minimum density.
  • Relative high omprssion.
  • High shear properties.
  • Used as flat or slightly curved surfcaes.
  • Has high strength to weight ratio.


There are several manufacturing processes. These processes offers a range of cell configuration to meet the different rquirements for formability, flexibility, energy absorption and strength.

Few cell configuration in the market are –

  1. Hexagonal core
  2. Ox core
  3. Flex core
  4. Double flex core

Three Traditional Honeycomb Production Techniques

  • Expansion

Sheets of the material are laid down with lines of adhesives in between. When adhesives get cures, block is sliced and sheets are pulled apart forming honeycomb.

  • Corrugation

Metal sheets are corrugated and then sticked into a block. Adhesives attach each layer. Finally the block is sliced into sheets and bonded onto surface layer sheets.

  • Moulding

Slotted metal strips are assembled to form square and triangle honecombbs, no metal bending required. Suited for making honeycombs from low ductility material. Bonding is done by welding or brazing.

Aerodynamics of Honeycomb Sturcture

  • Honeycomb mesh is often used to reduce and create wind turbulence.
  • Choosing right length to diameter (L/D) ratio is a major factor.
  • L/D < 1 -Honeycomb meshes are used on vehicles front grille. Also, used as screens to get a uniform profile and to reduce the intensity of turbulence.
  • L/D > 1 – Used to reduce turbulence and eddies of the flow. Earlier wind tunnels with no screens. Unfortunately, this methodintroduced high turbulence intensity in the test section.

Benefits of Honeycomb Sandwich Construction

  • The facing skin of a sandwich panel carry the bending stresses to which the beam is subjected. One facing skinis in compression and the other is in tension.
  • The core resists the shear loads, increase the stiffness of structure by holding the facing skin apart and improving the I-beam.
  • It gives continuous support to the flanges or facing skins to produce uniformly stiffened panel.
  • The core to skin adhesive rigidly joins the sandwich components and allows them to act as one unit wiith a high torsion and bending rigidity.


  • Honeycomb materials in Aluminium, fibregladd and advanced composite materials have been featured in aircraft and rockets since the 1950s.
  • Used in gliders, helicopters, jet aircraft, rocket substructure, telescope mirror structure and in bulkheads, due to its minimal weight and good comprssion properties.
  • Used in aircraft floorings and interior fixtures, due to high strength to weight ration.
  • Since it prevents buckling of thin skin and provides exact amount of shear strength, hence used in I-beams.
  • Used in display panels and flight stimulates.
  • Carbon honeycomb panels are fireproof.
  • Used in wind tunnel test section settling chambers and smoke tunnels for smoothening air flow.

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Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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