Title: I am always here with you

Author: Himanshu Rai

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and distributors

Rating: 3.1/5

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I am always here with you is a story of selfless love, deep loss and overcoming grief. It tells us how unexpectedly things are changed and how the world of two people who are so much in love is turned upside down in just few moments. It portrays the feeling of first love – the butterflies in stomach, the nervousness, the tongue-tied and the exhilarating one get with just one look at that person, properly.

This is a story of Kartik and his angel Ashima. Kartik fell in love with Ashima the very first time he laid his eyes on her. A very beautiful friendship blossomed between them and soon they found their soulmate in each other resulting in a heart-warming romance and then, a happy marriage. But for them to be together, Kartik took a decision which broke his father’s heart and tore apart their family. The story revolves around the big question that if Kartik loved Ashima so much, then why did he get her married to someone else?

The story walks us through various emotions; be it love, regret, anger, depression or guilt. It shows the importance of forgiveness and how misunderstandings and fights should not keep us away from our loved ones. The story also revolves around a father-son relationship, from them being best friends to strangers to realizing their love for each other yet again.

The writer has tried to capture the different emotions skilfully. Some parts are written so well that you feel them deep inside you. Although the story is quite nice and different, yet it becomes quite boring at times. The story moves at a very slow pace and after few pages you start to lose interest. Some instances feel a bit repetitive and some situations or scenes are plain cringe worthy. The writer could have used more new ideas; maybe some plot twists could have made the story more interesting. The writing style could have been more captivating.

If you are a sucker for pure Indian romance, complicated relationships and heartbreaking moments then you should give a go to this book.

Buy I Am Always Here With You at the best price

About the author

himanshu rai author
i am always here with you
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Himanshu Rai

Himanshu Rai is a telecom professional with a passion for storytelling. His previous three novels were highly appreciated. He loves writing and tries to bring real locations and themes into his stories, enabling the readers to visualize what he writes.

Divya Saroya

Divya Saroya

Divya Saroya is pursuing Aerospace Engineering. She loves to read books. Her main interest is in fiction books.
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