What is mindfulness to you? Is meditation for ten minutes is your definition of mindfulness?

Practising being aware of your surroundings generates the powerful energy of mindfulness. When you practice mindful breathing, energy is generated which helps you to reduce the tension in your body and your feelings.

The energy of mindfulness is embracing, calming and releasing the tension and suffering.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness means taking refuge in the island of self that is going back to yourself and becoming more solid. If you are solid and not overwhelmed, your response to your surroundings will be quite different. Mindfulness helps in bringing our minds back to our bodies so that can get deeply in touch with life and its wonders and truly live our lives. Mindfulness helps us to be aware of our present.

Some of our emotions prevent us from getting in touch with the wonders, what should we do in these circumstances? We think that we need to remove that feeling or emotion to feel free again but no. Herewith these five mindfulness training, you will learn the energy of mindfulness which empowers you to recognise your sorrows and embrace them tenderly.

The five-mindfulness training will offer you a concrete application of mindfulness in your everyday life. Practising these will help you to cultivate right view, show you the right path. And when one knows the right path, doubts of future and present do not worry them anymore.

1. Reverence for Life

Aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, one should commit to cultivating the insight of compassion and interbeing, to preventing the plants and other mineral sources along with protecting the lives of people and animals. Be determined not to kill or support any kind of killing in the world; don’t even think about it. One should develop non-discrimination, openness and non-attachment to views so as in to transform fanaticism, violence and dogmatism in yourself and in the world because we all know that the harmful actions arise from fear, anger, greed and intolerance.  

2. True Happiness

It is important for us to commit to practising generosity in our thoughts, acts and speech as this is the origin of the consequences of social injustice, exploitation and oppression. True happiness comes when one is determined not to possess anything which should belong to someone else. By sharing your valuable energy, time and material sources, you can cultivate true happiness within yourself.

We all know that looing deeply for happiness and suffering of others as our own has never failed us to feel proud. True happiness comes with understanding and compassion. We know how mental attitude is deeply connected with our happiness. It’s important to understand the value of the present moment and live in it happily.

3. True Love

Sexual desire does not define your love someone. Craving always motivates sexual activities which harm a human being, deeply. Be determined to not get into any sexual activity without true and committed love. Be true to yourself. We think how can this silly thing harm oneself, but it does mentally. How many times have you found yourself crying after masturbation?

Being committed to taking care of your sexual energy is your own responsibility. Indirectly it helps to cultivate kindness, joy, compassion and all the other elements of true love. If you will practice true love, you will create a beautiful future for yourself.

4. Loving Speech & Deep Listening

Unmindful speech and failure to listen brings suffering. Listen to relieve sufferings and promote peace in yourself and others, compassionately. We all know that words are the source of creating happiness as well as suffering, so speak words that inspire joy, confidence and hope. When anger manifests you, be determined not to speak. Go read that line again because this one line will resolve so many issues of yours, easily.

Also, mindful breathing and walking will help you to understand and recognise the depth of your anger. Often roots of one’s anger grow in the grounds of misunderstanding. Look into it deeply.

5. Nourishment & Healing

Unmindful consumption often causes suffering. Commit to having good physical and mental health. It is important for each one of us to be mindful while eating and drinking. Nourishing and healing the elements inside you will help you to come and realise the wonders of the present moment. Mindful consumption cultivates joy, happiness and healing.   

These are the five mindfulness training which helps you to live a better life provided if you practice them all.

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