For the first time someone’s gonna talk about Dreamers!

What does it take to be a successful person? A formal education? Money?

All it takes a dream, hell lot of determination and willingness to learn everything quickly. One of the assets for building wealth is big dreams and the capacity to live them. Why do all the brilliant speakers stress the significance of going for your dreams? Not the significance of having dreams because this entire world of rich and poor have a dream.

You really need to understand that dream is not what you have but what you live for. Also, the significance of dreaming big should make a home in your mind. Small dreams give you small life and big dreams give you big life, provided you go for your dreams. Difference between small and big dreamers is that small dreamers say “I can’t afford it” but big dreamers say “How can I afford it?”

The small shift in thinking, integrated with perceptions, experiences and decisions of a lifetime, can take you an entirely new place which you’ve never been without making this small shift. By changing your habits and dreaming big and believing in your big dreams, you can train your mind to work in that direction.

Everyone has dreams and also, everyone dreams in a different way. Here are the five kinds of dreamers that you never knew about.

The One Who Dreams in The Past

These dreamers believe that one of their greatest achievements are behind them. Such dreamers amuse you with their childhood days, football days, army days, college days, etc. They think that their future’s gone to hell in a handbasket! A person’s life is certainly finished if he’s dreaming in the past stories. Even if they are alive, they are dead inside. The only way to make a comeback is to rekindle their dreams.

The One with Small Dreams

The small dreams give you the confidence because oh you are definitely going to achieve them. But the irony is when these dreamers know they can achieve their small dreams, they never do. Why so?

Why wouldn’t someone achieve their small dreams?

What do you think?

It’s just because if they will achieve these dreams, they will be left with nothing to live for. Life would seem hopeless. They would rather live small then struggle for all those risky and adventurous dreams. These are the ones who later in life regret not dreaming bigger and not believing in themselves.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, these dreamers are the most dangerous ones because they live like turtles in their own quiet and padded room. If you try to knock on their comfort zone and peek in, they might come out and bite you so, it’s better to leave them like that in their small comfy shell.

The One Who Achieve A Dream & Then Live Bored

You definitely never thought that such kind exists. But yes, such dreamers exist.

In our early, many of us dream of becoming something like a doctor, an engineer, an architect, etc and then after achieving we get bored. Because we think that we have fulfilled the purpose of our life. Boredom is a sign, indicating that it’s time for a new dream.

The One Who Dream Big Dreams but With No Plans

You must be knowing many who belong to this category. Such dreamers try to achieve a lot, but unfortunately on their own. They dream big dreams but with no plan on how to go about achieving them, so they end up with nothing.

Rarely, people achieve big dreams on their own. So, such dreamers should continue to dream big but with a plan and team to move forward and achieve their dreams.  

The One Who Dream Big, Achieve Them & Go on Dreaming Even Bigger Dreams


From the title, itself you must be clear with what kind of dreamers these are. Most of you would like to be this kind of dreamer. So, here’s an advice – To change who you are, you need to change the size of your dreams.

While reading the article, you must be waiting for the right category not where you fit but where you need to be fitted now. So, here’s this one. These dreamers change their I Can’t to I Can. They change from filling pity about their own circumstances to holding the lead of their life. These are the ones who are ready to make that small shift and dream bigger.

These are the dreamers who have pictures of their dreams hanging on the walls of their room. They believe in what they see. Being visionary, they know that they can and will achieve it.  

This article was enough of a shock to you already and another wake-up call so, better start working on your dreams.

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