Title: A Thousand Pieces of You

Author: Claudia Gray

Publisher: Harper Teen

Rating: 3.8/5

Genre: Science Fiction

A Thousand Pieces of You is a unique science fiction full of adventures and hell lot of twists. This is the first book of the sequel – Firebird. This is a story on travelling several dimensions to kill your dads murderer which never actually happened. How will you feel if you visit a dimension and know that not just your dad but your family died few days back? How would you feel if had a chance to kill the murderer but you are uncertain about which dimension does he belong to?

This is the story of a girl, Marguerite Caine, travelling several dimensions, saving lives, falling in love and then finding out something that changed her life entriely. Being born in a family of geniuses, Marguerite never expected any attention for all she was just an artist. Her parents invented a device which can make you travel different dimensions. One of the researchers, Theo took the initiative to help Marguerite because somehow he knew that it’s just her who can travel dimensions without loosing memories.

Marguerite had a bigger purpose than just playing with colours and appreciating other scientists. But the reader can’t really connect with the characters because they travel across severl dimensions where they possess different characters.


  • The Concept

The plotline is amazing. Writing a fiction on multi-verse full of suspense is a difficult task. The writer has very well created the base of the story.

  • Details of Other Dimesions

Margeurite travels four different dimensions in this book. The author has explained each dimensions very well. Your power of imagination will make this book much more interesting.

  • Engaging Writing Style

The writing style is good as it engages the reader from the beginning to the end.


  • Direct Storytelling

The author could have made few parts of the story less direct to the readers and use metaphors.

  • Unnecessary Love Triangle

The author has added an unnecessary love triangle, which isn’t exactly a love triangle. The romance part in this book is quite unnecessary as the author could have just simply written about Paul and Marguerite.

  • Details of the Other World

At the same details of other dimensions are too much. One of the dimensions has been described in most of the pages of the book. More change in dimensions would have made the book more interesting.

Overall, the concept and plot of the book is really amazing as it involves multiverse travelling. Also, the story is quite predictable but not really.


About the Author

Claudia Gray
Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray is the pseudonym of Amy Vincent, an American writer of paranormal romance young adult fiction, best known for the Evernight series and her Star Wars novels: Star Wars: Lost Stars, Star Wars: Bloodline, Leia, Princess of Alderaan and Star Wars: Master and Apprentice

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