With the celebration of the New Year and the end of a decade, China had a virus breeding among its dense population. Which later became a potential threat to the human race. The COVID-19 is a global crisis which has caused more than 211,000 deaths and has infected more than 3 million people. 

This global pandemic has put the entire world in a dilemma as now social distancing has become the priority of the entire world. Governments, societies and organisations are planning strategies to minimise the physical contact to the least. 

Today, no celebrity or superman is helping the world to fight this pandemic, but doctors, local police, security guards. This crisis has made the entire human race realise the who the true heroes are! Technologies are playing a vital role to combat COVID-19. This is the era where all the technologies have proved to be worth all the years of the invention. 

In this battle against the unseen enemy, drones are playing a significant role. Let us see how drones are helping the authorities in fighting this war. 

Surveillance & Broadcast

From dense to complicated areas, drones can fly anywhere. Due to the strong signals, drones can communicate and visualise expanse areas. Since the major goal of the authorities is to minimize the physical contact, the drones are helping to a greater extent. 

Government of various countries have declared lockdowns or closed down the public places. However, regions where individuals aren’t following the restrictions, local police is using drones to monitor the public and cease social gatherings. This is not just saving the individuals life but also reducing the risk of the local police of getting infected from COVID-19. Using drones, police can observe areas widely. Drones are helping the traffic police in supervising the traffic.

Even though drones are helping in such a crisis, it’s also raising issues of individuals privacy. However, the Chinese people are not reacting to the surveillance due to their history.

Additionally, authorities are using drones to broadcast information and messages to create awareness among the public. Health measures and precautions are being announced through drones in several areas. Authorities have installed loudspeakers on drones to make public announcements.

Critical Supplies Delivery

Government has restricted public movements and the need for critical supplies including grocery items, medicines, etc remains the same. In some of the regions like the Dominican Republic and the United States, drones, after being tested, are delivering the critical supplies. Drone with a payload capability of six kilograms can deliver without any risks. 

Drones have made it easy particularly for the hospitals which are treating COVID-19 actively. Helping the doctors, drones are delivering medical supplies. This is helping to fight COVID-199 because it is not only reducing the risk of exposure to healthy people but also giving fast services. 

Particularly in the red zoned areas, drones are the blessing. 

Spraying Disinfectants

From a few hours to several days, the virus can survive on hard surfaces. Therefore, most of the public places and transportation mode are prone to the virus. 

The authority is using agriculture spraying drones for disinfecting these places and transportation mode. Instead of spraying pesticides, they are using disinfectants. This has reduced the risk of exposure to sanitation workers, saving the lives of millions. 

These drones fly can cover larger areas in lesser time with excellent speed. One of the UAVs is capable of carrying 16 litres of disinfectant and can almost cover 100,000 m2 per hour.

Health Check-Up for COVID-19

As most of the countries are under lockdown, it’s quite difficult for people to go out for health check-up. To limit physical contact, some of the countries started checking the temperatures of people in their apartments using drones. 

One of the videos was uploaded on social media showing how a drone can check your temperature. It’s a great initiative and all the nations should follow it.  

COVID-19 is the worst way of beginning a year but technologies have made it a lot easier for humans to survive through this. Technologies like drones are helping us to combat COVID-19 in a better way. 

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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