Mother’s day… do we need a day to show love and appreciation to our moms? Do we express enough gratitude to her?

Amid the lockdown, it’s pretty much difficult to celebrate Mothers Day, but that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled. We can still make superheroes in our home feel special. It’s the little things that make a bigger difference.

Now if you’re thinking that you have grown too old, let me say that it doesn’t matter, we should look for every other way possible to make our mothers feel happy. Here, are some of the ideas to express your love to your mom.

1. Express Gratitude

Mostly, we take the warmth of our mom’s love for granted. Now, it’s time to appreciate the hot meal served on the table and clean clothes in your wardrobe. We neglect these small things but remember that it matters. We should remember to acknowledge them for everything that she has done for you. Pay attention to the details of what she does for us, appreciate her for all these small things.

2. Organise a Virtual Mother’s Day Party

Coordinate with your siblings & other family members. You can prepare a song for this party. You can share some memorable moments to bring a smile on your mom’s face. During the video call, you can perform a small skit with your siblings. Or how about a small dance?
Go now and plan it!

3. Write A Handwritten Letter

Write a letter to your mom with all the best memories both of you had together. Express how much proud you are of her. Express your gratitude towards her for nothing is as precious as her in this entire world. Also, a few promises can help you to earn extra chocolate points.

4. Bake A Cake This Mother’s Day

During this lockdown, cooking is the only thing so many of us are enjoying at home. You can order grocery from a store and then bake a cake for your mom. Also, watch some online videos and do beautiful icing. It will make your mom extra happy.

5. Make a Video Collage For Your Mother

Download any video maker app and make a video of her. You can put her favourite music as background music. Take a bit of the help of other family members and ask for photos.
You can also make a video with your siblings expressing your gratitude.

6. A Home Salon Service by Her Kiddo

Who is her kiddo? Yes, you! You are a guy? You don’t know how to do facial? We are in the 21st century, go watch some YouTube video and learn it. It’s very easy. You can just apply the face pack on her face or give her a relaxing manicure or pedicure.

7. Cook Her Dinner

The perfect dinner for your mother is from her child. Cook her her favourite dish just like she does for you. Show her the warmth of your love through your hot delicious dish.

8. Go Clean Yourself

If nothing works, it’s alright because all of us know this never fails! Shave off your beard or cut your hair short because yes boy, this is the time!

9. Watch Her Favourite Movie With Her

Watching your mother’s favourite movie is super easy, super fun and super impressive.

10. Follow Her Advice, Not Just This Mother’s Day

Yes, this is important and it makes her the happiest knowing that her child trusts her and is listening to her advice. Sometimes we think that she just doesn’t understand but actually, she loves us and she doesn’t like seeing us walking into bad situations. She loves us. Taking her advice will make her happier.

Mothers aren’t perfect, but they are the best for their child so why not celebrate the best Mother’s Day for her?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

Image Source: Pixabay

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