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Disobeying the orders of local government, Elon Mus, Tesla CEO, has reopened his company’s California assembly plant. He even offered to take the entire responsibility; told the authorities where he would be, if need to be taken under custody.

California plants employs almost ten thousand workers. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, this plant was closed since 23rd March. This Friday,

California began to ease shelter-in-place restrictions, still maintaining it in Bay Area. Tesla had planned to start its factory on Friday by bringing back 30 percent of the workers. The County officials and Alameda County Public Health Department are still negotiating with Tesla, Sgt. Ray Kelly, information officer. The officials revised the order, easing the restrictions a bit.

To invalidate the orders preventing the reopening of Tesla factory, Tesla filed a lawsuit this Saturday against Alameda County. Later that evening, Tesla circulated a back plan which outlines how the production restart is going to work, keeping employees safe and preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Indeed, this publc battle over the restarting of the factory soon got over.

The tweet has attracted the public venting, aiming to pressurise the Alameda County officials to allow the the factory to restart.

“I have long been a strong advocate and supporter early adopter, the technology, I have not only known that company, but I’ve known its founder for many, many years, I have great reverence for their technology for their innovative spirit, for their leadership, and I have great expectations that we can work through at the county level issue with this particular county and this company in the next number of days.”, said Newscom.

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