We were taught about the magnetic poles in our high school. That imagery of magnetic lines of the earth fascinated us. But, we never knew the fact that there are many things above and below the earths surface which displaces over a period of time. Today, it has been confirmed that the north pole of the earth is changing its place with the time. 

In the past few years, it has been found that the location of the north pole is shifting from Canadas corner to the Siberia side.

In 1831, the location of the north pole was located for the first time. Since then the regular measurement of the data has shown that the pole is shifting.

Moreover, it has been found that the drifting speed of the pole has increased to many folds. The developments in technology now allow the researchers to locate the pole more accurately than before.

The shifting of the pole has raised the hackles of the navigation agencies. The the navigation system relies on the pinpoint calculations of the location of the pole. This has rendered the US National Geophysical Data center to update the world magnetic model last year in a jiffy.

These changes have attracted the attention of the world and there is a need to give a genuine explanation on the pole displacement. The general idea about the physical mechanism for the displacement of the pole is most sought. 

The researchers of the Leeds University in Uk and Technical University of Denmark have analyzed 20 years of geomagnetic data from the ESAs Swarm mission.

There are two negative magnetic fluxes under Canada and Siberia. These fluxes determine the structure of the magnetic field close to the north pole. The large lobe of magnetism grows and shrinks with time. This elicits the various forces that we perceive on the surface.

Between 1970 and 1999, there was elongation in the patch beneath Canada. It occurred due the changes in the forces acting between flowing mantle below and dense spinning core at the center of the earth. Thus, the strength of the magnetic field increased over time.

But, over the last few years, the Canadian patch is losing its strength, and Siberians patch strength is increasing. This explains why the pole is shifting towards Siberia. Undoubtedly, the researches are still unable to track when and where the displacement will stop.

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