There were days when checking the tire pressure would need you to go to a workshop. But, today things have changed, a tire pressure monitoring system comes installed in your vehicle to make your life easy. It is imperative to keep the tire pressure right in the vehicle. There are many reasons to it. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Every tire comes with a specification and it works perfectly when it has the right pressure in it.
  • Right tire pressure makes the handling of the vehicle easy. Also, you get the ride comfort.
  • If the pressure remains more the tread of the tire may wear more from the center. And, when the air pressure is less the tread wears from the outer side. Therefore, the right tire pressure is necessary to keep the complete tread in contact with the road and avoid uneven wear.
  • When the complete tread is in contact with the road, the vehicle accelerates and stop efficiently. Moreover, other phenomenas like over-steering and under-steering reduces.
tire pressure monitoring system

The tire pressure monitoring systems are generally of two types namely Indirect and direct.

What is an indirect tire pressure monitoring system

The indirect tire pressure monitoring system doesn’t actually measures the tire pressure. Its working is based on the speed sensor like anti-lock braking system. The sensor of TPMS measures the rate of revolution of the wheels. The onboard computers compare the revolution of tires with each other and with other data like the speed of the vehicle.

The rate of revolution determines the size of the tires. When a wheel is spinning fast the computer calculates that the tire is underinflated and warns the drivers.


  • They are less expensive than direct TPMS
  • Less maintenance/ programming than direct TPMS


  • It may not be that accurate for the tire of extreme sizes.
  • It may not work accurately when the tire is worn and have lost its shape
  • Must be reset after properly inflating every tire
  • Must be reset after routine tire rotation

What is a direct tire pressure monitoring system

Unlike indirect tpms, it uses pressure monitoring sensors in all the wheels-not just measuring the revolution of the tires like the anti-lock brake system. Also, sensors of tpms provides temperature readings.

It has an air-pressure monitoring sensor which is an electronic device working on the programs. It is present in the pressurized pocket between the rim and the tire. The device transmits the information through low-frequency radio waves to the receiver present on the vehicle.

The reading of the tire pressure is shown in pounds per square inch(psi). The information is displayed to the driver via a warning light or a pictogram display.

tire pressure monitoring system


  • Shows the tire pressure accurately as a sensor is present inside the tire.
  • There is no inaccuracy due to the tire revolution.
  • Sensors batteries live more than a decade


  • More expensive than an indirect TPMS
  • Though it is simple in its working but maintenance or repair may require costly tools.
  • Battery rarely serviceable; if the battery is drained, the whole sensor must be changed.
  • Proprietary systems make installation, service, and replacement confusing for consumers and auto shops.

Although both the systems differ in their working and efficiency, they serve the same purpose. Today the automobiles are seeing a transformation that will make it safer to use. 

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