Time management has been the greatest headache for those who keep on jumping from one task to another and another. And why wouldn’t it be? Like seriously… they feel they are busy throughout the day but at the end of the day, they achieve nothing. 

What is it?

Being productive is a regular term. Every speaker talks about it. Managing your time is another regular term and every other speaker talks about this as well. So, what’s wrong?  

We open YouTube, we watch videos and the speaker speaks. It’s just that we don’t listen. We don’t absorb the significance of managing time in a precise manner. It’s important to feed the programming of time management into our subconscious mind just like brushing (Not the exceptionals) every day. So here, are the four easy ways to make your day productive. 

1. Make a To-Do List  

If you’ll stop reading here, you’re going to miss a different way of maintaining a To-Do list. 

A To-Do list is used just to feed the data in the back of your mind. It continuously reminds you how much is left and how much you’ve covered. Also, striking off the list items gives you a sense of achievement. 

So, grab a small piece of paper, about 1/6th of an A4 sheet. Fold it into two halves. On the left side, write all the tasks that you’ve to accomplish, not just for that particular day but all of them. On the right side, put on time hour wise, next to it write what has to be achieved on that day. As you complete the tasks, strike them off. 

Make this list before your sleeping time at night. 

2. First the Most Important One

Oh, the pending assignment… later, I will do this later. Tomorrow. I will finish it by tomorrow morning. This goes on until you stand in front of your teacher begging for two more days.

And you know what, it’s not just you, but the majority. We have adopted this habit. 

Completing the most important tasks on priority is the golden rule of time management. While making the to-do list, identify the most important and hard tasks and complete those first. Yes, early morning. Before your work or college or whatever. Just do it. Once you’re done, you will learn that you will achieve most of it. 

3. Stop Multi-Tasking

Devote your entire time and focus on the task at hand. Sit with a water bottle. Keep your phone away. Find a quiet place. Sit with all the essential things required for that task. 

Concentrate on that task. Immerse yourself in it. If you aren’t able to develop enthusiasm, then explore more. Yes, it works that way… when you get into it, you develop enthusiasm. 

4. Learn to Distinguish Between Important & Unimportant

Most of us end up not achieving our task entirely because most of us lack the ability to differentiate between the important and unimportant tasks. 

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to get hung up on insignificant details. We try to be a perfectionist and hence end up achieving nothing. 

You can get over this habit and still be a perfectionist by focusing on the main details first and then revising it later. 

5. Use Your Breaks

Complete the important and small tasks in between your breaks. Now if you’re thinking – Why would I give up my breaks? How’s that gonna help me? Like I am already so busy all the time and now for the sake of this blog and time management you want me to work during my breaks? Impossible.

See, you are going to do this for yourself. If you’ll finish the small tasks during your breaks, then you’ll have the entire evening and night to yourself. And this way you’ll figure out the extra time for your passion or that part-time business that you wanted to start forever. 

Sometimes we get so caught up with being busy, that we forget to use our time efficiently. These 5 ways can help you to get almost five extra hours to yourself.

If you’re a student. Check out this book.

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