The rare first edition hardback copy of the Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone was restored from the skip at a Buckinghamshire school. Also, they found other four novels in the skip as well and sold it along with the rare copy.

These rare books could have been lost to landfill, had this teacher not discovered the copies in a skip at a school where she was employed in 2008. She kept all these books in her loft.

Harry Potter's first edition sold for £33,000 at auction

Two Harry Potter & Philospher’s first edition paperback was sold for £3,400 & £3,300. The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban made £360.
Due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the auction was held over private online calls.

The Philosophers Stone rare hardback was bought by a private United Kindom buyer. This book is among the first 500 first edition hardbacks printed back in 1997; had an estimated price from £8,000 & £12,000.

“To say I’m pleased is an understatement. Due to its condition, we thought £20,000 would be a good result. We watched the auction and the price just kept going up and up. I love books and reading and it just seemed awful to throw them away, so I picked up about five Harry Potter books,” the teacher continued. “I thought they might be useful for my children or grandchildren in the future. It was better than seeing them go to waste.”

Head of Hansons’ Library Auction, Jim Spencer, said, “I’m delighted for our vendors. It was marvellous to see the Harry Potter books do so well and spark such intense bidding. I always thought the Philosopher’s Stone hardback first edition might surprise us.”

He added, “I put on a humble estimate due to some damage to the binding. We had lots of interest, particularly from America, in what was a special Harry Potter-themed library auction. We sold a multitude of books for several clients, some signed by JK Rowling. Another highlight was a Philosopher’s Stone paperback first edition in pristine condition which made £6,500.”

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