A cosmic flare called Cow which astronomers discovered earlier now has company.

Two similar unusual outbursts have joined the earlier discovered celestial flare. The explosion of stars are the brightest and temporary event in the sky, but this event was brighter than the normal supernovas. These events occurred over days with their bright light brightening and dimming quickly.
AN astronomer Anna Ho of Caltech says, “It’s like people going out to find different creatures and find out how they’re related to each other. We’re in the early stages of the ‘zoology’ of this class.” These three novel bursts have no known origins.

According to some scientists, this event is the result of some powerful supernova which may have exploded into a dense material shell. Telescoped detected the radio wave for all the three events.
Some scientists are saying that those radio waves can be the result of accelerated electrons.

An astrophysicist, Deanne Coppejeans of Northwestern University in Evanston and also a co-author of the paper CSS161010 says, “We don’t actually know what they are yet.”

Some scientists are still trying to figure out what is it. According to some, these events could be the result of a black hole ripping apart a star.

A mysterious cosmic flare, 'the cow' might just be the birth of a 

cosmic flare cow

The Cow was first detected in June 2018 and its official assigned name turned out to be ‘AT2018cow.’ Later, in September 2018, it was joined by another flare named ‘ZTF18abvkwla’ and so it’s called ‘Koala.’ The third flare, CSS161010, was detected in 2016, but it’s significance remained unknown until May 20.

“I’m driven to think that there really is some kind of central compact object driving these explosions,” says astrophysicist Brian Metzger of Columbia University.

An astrophysicist, Patricia Schady of the University of Bath in England says, “There are more surveys coming online that are going to be capable of detecting these things. We really do need more of these things.”

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