Books are our all-time friends. Books help us in various ways. They teach us to cope up with failure and discover our new self. The most important thing is how we get to know the story behind a successful person.

Here, we have chosen some of the famous books by successful women for you.

1. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
books by successful women

An autobiography of a world changer will broaden your perspective toward courage. A woman, driven by the idea of girls education rights, decides to take a bigger step, to speak up and make her voice heard. This is the story of a Pakistani girl who selflessly fights against the Taliban for the rights of the girls to learn and grow up to be whatever they want to be. And then gets shot by the Taliban, still standing stronger and more courageous. Malala is a woman of her kind and we need more woman like her.

Malala Yousafzai, 22 years old, is a Pakistani activist. She is the founder of the Malala Fund which is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. Her organisation helps girls who lack the resources to pursue secondary education. She has a vast education network across the globe.

2. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Buy Becoming
books by successful women

Becoming is an autobiography of the first African American First Lady, Michelle Obama. In this book, she tells her story on her own perspective. She writes about her communal suffering and injustice. Also, in this book, Michelle covers the effects of politics in her life.

Michelle Obama is a writer and a lawyer. She has been a part of the Obama Foundation supporting millions across the globe. The Obama Foundation empowers and connects people to change their world.

3. Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 Into a Billion Dollar Business by Barbara Corcoran

Shark Tales: How I Turned $1, 000 into a Billion Dollar Business 
books by successful women

Shark Tales is an inspiring real life story of the star, Barbara Corcoan, from the Shark Tank. In this book, she writes the best advices for anyone starting a business. This book is more of an inspirational tool for the youth rather than turning $1000 into billion dollars.

Barbara Corcoran is an American businesswoman, speaker, investor, author and television star. She was the founder of the real state brokerage, The Corcoran Group. Now, she is a television star on the show ABC’s Shark Tank. Her current net worth is $80 million.

4. Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Buy Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your ...
books by successful women

Radical Candor teaches you how to be a great boss. You will learn how to build relationships with the people you work with. This book provides valuable tips on how to care personally and challenge directly the people you work with.

Kim Scott was the CEO and co-founder of Juice Software, a collaboration startup. She has worked with Google. Also, she has held a leadership seminar for Apple. She has been a CEO coach at Qualtrics, Dropbox, Twitter and other technology companies.

5. Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki

Buy Rich Woman: Because I Hate Being Told What To Do Book 

books by successful women

Rich Woman teaches women the essentials of finance. Also, she covers many key points for women including how to become a successful investor and get smart quickly. This book teaches women to take control over their financial future.

Kim Kiyosaki is a known speaker, author, real estate investor, entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Rich Woman, a club which helps women to learn the financial tools to take care of their future.

6. She Means Business by Carrie Green She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality 

books by successful women

If you are young and you want to turn your ideas into realities, this book will help you move forward. Based on the authors real life experiences, she offers the valuable tips to help the young entrepreneurs. Shas also discusses some powerful exercises.

Carrie Green started her online business when she was 20. She is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, a global network that recognizes 380,000 women entrepreneurs across the globe.

Here are some best books for the rising entrepreneurs.

Tell us who inspires you in the comment section below.

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